Humasn are evil

I umpire youth baseball. If you have ever doubted the human race, do that (umpire) for a few games. Every time I think the human race is a decent species I end up with a team that reminds me that we as a species are inherently evil and there can be no doubt about the fact that we killed the missing link and ate their remains. We would eat the children of our neighbors if we thought no one was looking.

Trust me, your co-worker is right now plotting your death, and the guy in the car next to you on the way home tonight is imagining what it would be like to bath in your blood and rape your entire family line.

Fuck them all.

Human race is not civilized at all. We are able to use verbal indicators to convince ourselves that we care about everyone else.

We do not care about anyone else; we only want to find a way to take what does not belong to us. "Fuck everyone else man, it is all about what I can do for myself."
here let me piss in your mouth and tell you its

You all who think that if you do the right thing and stay the straight and narrow, toe the company line that you will be rewarded. Did you not hear about the Enron fuckers. Jesus they raped the entire market, they raped the entire work force, and they get way. They fake their death and live in Brazil. fuck fuck fuck fuck you fucking spit in your mouth and stick you in the ribs with a plastic butter Knife. ahhhhhhhhhhhhrhrrrrrrrrgggggggg
DAMN IT AND DAMN YOU ALL FUCK YOU FUCK YOU ALL hahahahahahahah YOU are all fucking yourselves and you all do not care.

One day a terrible rain will come and wash all the trash, dirt, and shit from the streets. Then the world will be made clean and righteous, just as God intended. The meek will not be there though as they will have been eaten and shat out as so much refuse and waste.
A boy with Down syndrome is at the park with his father. They walk by a baseball field and the boy stops to watch the other boys play a close game of baseball. The boy is speaking to his father about how he would like to play and his father is explaining that the game had already started and that the game was too close to have him join in. The boys playing over hear dad and ask the boy to join in the game.
The score is still very close and the boy is on the "on deck circle". The boy sees the cleats on the boy that just struck out, making the outs two with a tie score.
The boy begins to scream that he wants the spiky shoes too. Left field offers to let the boy borrow his and he'll play bare foot for the last out.
The pitcher lobs the ball across the plate for the boy to hit. The boy drills one into the pitchers ball side wrist shattering every bone and piece of cartilage. Short stop fields the ball cleanly and takes his time to throw the ball to first. As he does the throw goes errant, a little over the first baseman's head. First base then stretches and leans back to reach for the ball and as the first baseman misses the ball the boy stomps on first baseman's right ankle snapping it at the joint.
Right field, who has always thought he should be allowed to play third, notices at that instant that there is a fuzzy caterpillar in the grass at his feet, and holy cow look 7 lady bugs all in one place. How weird is that?
The boy rounds towards second as the catcher picks up the overthrown ball and throws towards second who is still looking at the first baseman's right angle ankle. The ball hits the second baseman in the temple and he drops like a sack of laundry.
The runner now touches second and begins to head to third as the short stop retrieves the ball and throws to third who is preparing for a tag. Third moves into the tag position and receives the ball and starts to throw the tag as the boy drops into a slide. The boy raises a foot and slams it into the third baseman’s groin rupturing his left testicle causing him to drop the ball.
The boy pops up and begins toward home as short again retrieves the ball and throws to home.
The catcher closes the gate as the ball and boy converge at the plate. The boys drops into a text book figure four slide and collides with the catcher's shins, hyper extending both of the catchers knees, tearing the meniscus and ACL of both of his young joints. The catcher falls back like a 300 foot redwood.
The boy touches home, gets up, kicks clay into the crying eyes of the catcher and yells to the field, "You have just been schooled by a retard."
The first baseman who is now permanently crippled sues the city and wins.
The father of the second baseman begins to drink heavily and one night drives his car into a house. The family that lived in the house wins a multi-million dollar lawsuit over the death of a cat, two gold fish, and a hamster. The depressed and despondent mother testifies as a vice president of a large tobacco company, that the tobacco industry has known forever about the cancer and addiction and still produced dangerous products to the public with malice. The attorneys receive 100 billion dollars and the rest of everyone who felt they were injured by cigarettes and tobacco received coupons for free tobacco products and plenty of public service announcements every 13 minutes.
The family of the third baseman started a foundation for the children of one nutted third basemen. The boy was made president and now receives 500,000 dollar yearly salary.
The catcher is a mechanic in service station in a small town in Arizona
The short stop lives in the Dallas-Fort worth area and can be regularly seen on with prostitutes.

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More kool-aid please

i was goign to write something here about how my job is marginized and the work enviroment has tanked but then i realized i just needed another cup of kool-aid

Aliens adn rights

The whinny bleeding heart piece of shit judge says that an Alien is allowed the same right and privileges as an American citizen. That is not right! They are not of this country they do not get the rights that were secured for the people of this country. They are visitors and they should not be allowed the same as the citizens.
Do you let your visitors in your home go through your mail?
Do you discuss your personal life with the vacuum sales man at your door?
Would you think that your family was rude if they came over and began scrolling through you caller ID?
Hell no to all of the questions and the point is made. Visitors are allowed to come in and stay for a bit but they are just that, visitors. If they are thought to be criminals then they are allowed the same legal rights as they would have they been home. So if they look to be here to kill people then run them through the same kangaroo court system they have at home and then shoot them in the head! Their and then send the bill of the bullet to the government of the piece of shit country that allowed the fucker to leave and be done with the whole problem.
You see that is the problem they (the terrorists) know that we are pussified that there are too many wimps that want to scream unfair.
The rules are to keep the ones following the rules out of the competition. The ones winning the game are ones that ignore the rules. Kill the fucker send the fucker back to his lousy spit of land and be done with the whole problem!
Man this planet needs an enema!

Where Junk Is King

"I Love Livin' In The City"

I love livin' in the city [x2]

My house smells just like the zoo,
It's chock full of shit and puke!
Cockroaches on the walls
Crabs crawlin' on my balls!
Ohh, but I'm so clean cut,
I just wanna fuck some sluts!

I love livin' in the city [x2]

Spent my whole life in the city,
Where junk is king and the air smells shitty.
People pukin' everywhere.
Piles of blood, scabs and hair.
Bodies wasted in defeat,
People dyin' on the street,
But the suburban scumbags, they don't care,
Just get fat and dye their hair!

I love livin' in the city [x2]

I love livin' in the city [repeat]

"I Don't Care About You"

Down on South Street Philadelphia,
Out from Avenue C,
I seen it in the eyes
it was ready to freeze
from the valley hotel!

I don't care about you!
Fuck you!
I don't care about you!
Fuck you!

I see Hollywood boulevard,
welfare hotel,
I spent the night in jail,
near the Wicox hotel!

I don't care about you!
Fuck you!
I don't care about you!

I've seen an old man have a heart attack in Manhattan.
Well he just died while we just stood there lookin' at him.
Ain't he cute?

I don't care about you!
I don't care about you!

I see man rollin' drunks,
bodies the streets.
Some man was sleepin' in puke
and a man with no legs crawling down 5th street trying to get something to eat!

I don't care about you!
Oh noooooo!!
I don't care about you!
Fuck you!
I don't care about you!
Hey! Hey!
I don't care about you!





FUCK Yeah!





Damn it!

Damn it! I missed a holiday.
June 3 = Confederate Memorial Day

Clips that I favorited

I have no idea why this song rocks as hard as it fucking does but this song makes me fucking hot! I have reason to get up and beat the shit out of every mother-fucker that told me I could not do something because I was a kid, or because i have not had the education, or because it was not "fair", I will tell you about fair mother-fucker! fuck fair, fair is what the loser wants when the loser is losing. Fair is what everybody who does not want to put in the time but wants the same afford as the person that puts in the time. Fuck you and fuck fair. Fair is a four letter "Fword".

Agent Orange - Bloodstains!


This song was very true of the police in the late 70's and all of the 80's. In SF and Sacramento. I chose the Agent Orange because i like the sound and the band abosolutly fucking rocks my socks off!

Agent Orange - Police Truck


Kill the poor? Need I say more? I may not hve the same perspective as Mr. Biafra but yeah lets kill the poor!

Kill The Poor


Henry Rollins has this demeaner of anger and hate.
And my interpretation of the song is, I am tired of the crap, I am tired of the victims whining poor fucking me. fuck! get up off your ass
and fix the fucking problem. While you are lying on the side of the track crying poor me everyone else is getting ahead, they are getting
whats theirs, THEY ARE GETTING AHEAD. FUCK! Get your ass up get yours! and while I am on this subject, Stop giving the Katrina bitches
anymore help! they have gotten enough fucking help

Black Flag - Rise Above


I feel this way everyday while in traffic and outta traffic

Neverous Break Down to Falling Down


I would expect Rollins to be above this, but as a older softer version of himself many of us may want to go for the lower hanging fruit.
Maybe you should run for fucking president! I would vote for you! I would like to see your liberal ass talking to Palastine about the
fucking boundaries and 'hey you know that ain't fair you should stop it.' LOL. Rollins you looked more of a pussy then I thought I would
ever think I would see.

Rollins on bush


The crowd is the only redeeming value of this footage. can you feel the energy that was in there? I mean there was so much frustration and


Circle Jerks - Nervous Breakdown bad sound but great energy


I thought while I was adding songs and clips this could be added also.

Black Flag - Depression in Germany

Youth is wasted on the younger generation

You know Punk rock still is just as relevant as it was back then. I just did not have as much anger as I do now.

Circle Jerks - Destroy You
 Man they are right youth is wasted on the younger generation. If I had as much anger as I do now I would have changed the world.


"I Wanna Destroy You"

I wanna destroy you
I wanna destroy you
I wanna destroy you
I wanna destroy you
I feel it coming on again
Just like it did before
They fill your mind with boredom
And they lead you off to war

The way we treat each other
Really makes me feel ill
And if you're gonna fight
Then you're just dying to get killed

I wanna destroy you
I wanna destroy you
I wanna destroy you
I wanna destroy you

A box upon the media
And everything you read
They tell you your opinions
And they're very good indeed

I wanna destroy you

And when I have destroyed you
I'll come pickin' at your bones
And you won't have a single item
Left to call your own

I wanna destroy you
I wanna destroy you
Wanna destroy you
Wanna destroy you
Wanna destroy you

Circle Jerks
Oddities, Abnormalities, & Curiosities (1995)
Bla bla bla records

Chrome not good enough for products ......

Since we are not allowed to use chromium ON our products lets have everybody eat it so that the chromium market can stay afloat.


Free Nazi Bob

Ozzy Osborne Says he is not going green. That is crap they all are, everyone of the fuckers that fucked up this planet are now going oh we had our fun now you all have to stop having fun or we will kill the planet. No we will not kill the planet we will make it very hard for the humans to live but even they will figure out how to adapt. Piss on that and fuck you Ozzy!
Free Nazi Bob!!!

It is not a sport to abuse the umpires

What has happened in our culture that has made it a sport to verbally abuse umpires??
Where and what strike zone are these bones teaching our kids.
The strike zone exists where the umpire says it does as this is a judgment call
As the ball crosses any part of the fucken plate. The written strike zone reads "a strike is called if any part of the ball enters the strike zone." And this is as just below the god-damn knees to the leading arm pit as a batter was to swing at the ball.
That word "any" means a thread, a 1/4, the black, the white, if the damn ball starts above the knee and ends in the fucking dirt.
The strike zone is not a flat plane but a 3 dimensional rectangle drawn at every pitch. And your little Xerox turd copy can duck, bob, dive back and make faces all they want but the box was drawn when the stood at the plate, and if they jump out, or duck the box bigger, I am not going to penalize the pitcher because your child can't stand in the box.
I have grandpa behind me calling pitches. I have mommies taking it personal when their kid strikes out looking (not swinging at the third strike). Believe me I hate to ring a kid up more than any umpire. I as a coach hated the backwards "K". It stood for not trying, not protecting your strike zone.
Mommies talk to your coaches and your husbands about what a proper strike zone is before you start treating me like a monster out to eat little kids. If that pitcher can consistently paint the corner of the plate a double "oh" brush with a 3" freaking ball I am going to give him his strike. And you parents can act as if I am killing kittens on field all you want, the fact remains that was a strike it had been when your pitcher was throwing the goddamn ball and it is a strike now.
And when the rule says "pitcher and catcher of record" and you are visitor and you are at the top of the 1st inning. You do not have a catcher or a pitcher yet. The rule is states of record so you can not arbitrary decide that your slowest runner is now a catcher but later you change you mind and choose another player to catch. And if the tournament director says “they can” switch means “they will allow it” not that that is the correct interpretation. "They can" means “they are allowed to”. The rule literally states "of record" which means until your player has played that position he is not that position player. AND DO NOT COME UP TO ME AFTER THE GAME TO INSURE THAT I WAS INSTRUCTED ON THE RULE!! WHAT THE FUCK YOU STUPID TURD!! THEY SAID THEY WILL ALLOW IT NOTHING more than that. Then to jump up and down insisting that I was wrong AFTER the game, is just trying to have a pissing contest. So do not be offended when I ask “why are we still having this conversation” the freaking game was over. And do you realize how retarded you looked when you yelled after me as I walked away?? HA HA HA HA man did you look stupid “We know you are going to make bad calls just know the rules?” and just about every person I came into contact with after that said "what was that coaches problem?" As I always explain it as “when you are on the short side of any score you will try and find any reason why it is not your fault.”
And to the coach about the balk, yes your boy balked, he paused on his movement to third, which I deemed a feint, regardless of his lifting and turning to first, he paused it was a feint with the foot on the rubber. I may not have explained that properly and I was a bit pissed from the last game and the opposing coach had I pissed off because he made my job harder by calling balk before I did. I am trying to slow down my calls so that my calls do not have to change because of stupid kid player crap. Like dropping the ball, over running the bag