Wendy O Williams

Wendy Orlean Williams (May 28, 1949 – April 6, 1998)
She was much more than a sex show performer with a sledge hammer and a shotgun.
She was loved but was still alone and so alone that she felt that she needed to kill herself.
She was trying to tell us the same things that we are hearing now. But we just weren't Listening.
Had we listened she may still be around making us happy with her strong presence and angry fucking music. Man they fucking rocked

so god damn hard. And the shit that got destroyed in their show was fabulous. That school bus and TV sets was an instant classic.
I remember watching her on SCTV and the stage hands all freaking out when she pulled out that shotgun. LOL
I really do not know why this is late. I wrote this long time ago and meant to post on the 6th of April.

Wendy O Williams

Wendy, we will miss you and the world is an emptier place without you

Still Pissed Off

You all want to know what ??
I am still fucking pissed off.

If you do not like here move the fuck on.
No I am not going to give the pussies a moment on my board, on my stand, at my podium.
Henry Rollins does not. Pink does not. Dixie (traitor) Chicks do not offer a opposing view point when they decide to rant and rant and piss and moan.
Why would I let one of you whinny babies an opportunity.
Go fuck yourselves.
fuck yourselves
That is just what you need for perspective and good fucking from yourself.
Try having a couple of those against your will
and then a couple more just to survive
and then fuck yourself some more
and then have a nice day.

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Go eat a sandwich

There are evil men among us.
That’s right we have evil men here right here this very moment. They are here to question my authority. Question my sincerity. They all ask themselves, ‘why does he get to say the things he says?’’
Tell them, ‘Because he wants to!’
That’s right bitches I want to, I do the bible research, I chose to go out and open my life and my heart in front of God and everyone.
Now you may not like some of what I have to say.
And some may not like any of what I have to say.
But damn it I have it to say!
I want to say it!
And I will not hold back because some hypersensitive Pee See whiner is going to complain.
We have been driven into a position of caring too much about how something is being said instead of what is being said.
Some things can not be prettied up. They are ugly, offensive, and not nice.
But they are the truths none the less.
If you do not like what is being said then do not listen. Make an argument against what is said. But DO NOT THINK THAT YOU CAN SHUT ME UP WITH A, “My feelings are hurt by what you said.”
Do you think that anybody cared about my feelings when my step father beat me.
Do you think that my mother mad him stop when he was caught with his pants down?
Do you think anybody cared when I ran away.
Where were the fucking whiners when the pot growing hippy in the commune started to do the same things my step father did? I DO NOT THINK THAT WAS WHAT WAS MEANT WHEN THEY TALK ABOUT THE DECADE OF FUCKING LOVE!
And where was the caring and sharing love we all must have when that fat fucker in San Francisco said he had a place for me, and turned out to be a place for those that chose to walk the street for him. Yeah the only fuckers that cared about the feelings of a 14year old boy were the salesman too fucking weak to admit they were gay and hated themselves for it too. The only feelings they wanted to take care of, was to create my own self loathing and beat me for their own fucking weakness.
Fuck them all and fuck you all with your whiner fucking ‘oh poor me and my sensibilities.’ You do not like what is said move the fuck on and fuck yourself while you’re at it!
I have learned long ago. They will not change the rules for you. They will change them for themselves. But they do not care about you. These whiners, these censors, these pussies, they do not care about my anger, they do not care about why I am angry, they only care about themselves and how they fucking feel.
If your fucking feelings are hurt and you have the right to bitch then I have the right to say what I want. You have the ability to move on. You have the ability to change how you feel. I fucking did.
So your feelings are hurt.
What about my childhood. My childhood hurts you gonna fix that?? Yeah I fucking thought so.
You know what? You all with your ‘everybody needs to be included and nobody should be offended’ attitude is way outta control. You want to muzzle my feelings and suppress my hurt for the good of yourself?
Come get some bitch. I will show you how to make your bones. And get even with your step father at the same time.
I will look into your pussy eyes and see you hurt and I promise it will not be nearly the same as mine every god damn day.
Every god damn fucking day.
Every fucking day the alarm clock wakes me up and the pain of my life comes crashing in on me. The thought that today I have to get up and chase that goddamn dollar again and there are literally hundreds of thousands of fuckwads that want to separate me from my money.
I get no reward from turning my life around.
I get no relief from the pain and guilt of my life.
I get no break from the race I am in.
I get e-mails from fucking whinny ass strangers who say that I can not say what I have to say.
You know what? You do what I have done in my life and say that you can tell me that.
You suck for a buck and then see how normal your fucking rants are.
You find a way out of the hell you are in at 15 with no fucking tools and make it to where I am today and then tell me what to fucking say and what to fucking do.
I may not be any place that is all that great but compared to where I was and what I have done with the shit that was handed to me I have done pretty fucking good for myself
You do what I have done start to finish and then you can even think that you can talk to me.
Cause right now you are just fucking noise.
Buzz buzz buzz. What an annoying fucking sound and what annoying fucking sound you make when you want to talk about somebody else to me. Fuck off
Fuck off
Eat shit and fucking die you god damn whiny little school girl.
Go make your bones, go make a life outta shit go fuck off.
Fuck you
Fuck you
Fuck you

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Prayers For Gamers

Game Prayers

Yea, though I walk though the valley of death I shall have no fear.0
Because the good Lord shall provide me with the strength and courage to
Conquer my enemies. The Lord all mighty will reward me with victory and the spoils of victory.

Our Father, who art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy Name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done,
On earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses,
As we forgive those who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom,
and the power, and the glory,
for ever and ever.
Dear Lord
Grant us the strength to vanquish the evil that opposes your will.
Grant us the courage to stand up for what is right and might.
Let us to evangelize your word and your will through our win.
Lord Carry us to victory

Dear Lord
We are about to face the wicked and unwashed evil that is our enemy, and our competition
We will send them home dear Lord. They will say your name in prayer as we create an insurmountable gain and a huge victory on their asses. So much so that they will say nothing but “I am Sorry Lord that I have strayed I am sorry.”
YES they are coming home O’ Lord, they are coming home.

Dear Lord
We are about to face our enemies on the field of competition.
Please extinguish the doubt that is in our mind and fill our hearts and our muscles with your righteous power so that we can stomp the evil that we are about to face.

Dear Lord
We are preparing to do battle in your name. These blasphemers we are about to face are right now talking evil about your humble servants, Lord. We are now going to do your will, we are now going out onto the field of war and kick their asses Lord, oh yes we are going to kick their asses. We are going to beat the snot out of them. So that they will know that you are the true Lord, the righteous Lord, and because we will let them live they will know that you are a fair and kind Lord.

Dear Lord
We now embark on a righteous path to your glory. We carry you name and strength in our hearts. We are to be victorious in your name Lord. We are to beat and stomp the shit out of our opponents, Lord. We will tattoo your name in their buttocks as we kick them down the field.
And when they have realized their loss they will be sorry they opposed you Lord they will utter pleas of forgiveness and repentance. They will ask you to take them back into your fold and let them suckle on you generosity and forgiveness.

Dear Lord,
The heathens and the unwashed have challenged your word and your will. They have stepped onto our field. They have defiled the sacred ground that was blessed by you Lord. Right now Lord they speak terrible untruths and blasphemous accusations about you humble servants. They say we are not worthy of being champions, they say you are not with us Lord. Help us to show them the path Lord, help us show them the error of their ways, let us be your muscle and your sinew. Lets us deliver your punishment to the evil that is our competition, Lord.

Dear Lord
Let us carry your word with our strength and our hearts. Let us shine with your glory that is so bright that the evil that opposes us will be blinded. Let your voice be so loud that the sinners that are the other team be deafened from your word. Let those that came to watch your servants perform your will on this field be proud of us like you are proud of us now.
Though our win Lord, the blasphemers and the unrighteous will see you your strength and your might, and they will bow and beg forgiveness. For on this day Lord through you we will be victorious and we will be the champions you made us.

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Anger Management

We need to celebrate anger, wallow in anger, and be angry. Somebody or some people made us angry why do we need to control this. It was their fault they need to figure out the whys and the hows.

"My anger management"

God made us in his image. God is an angry vengeful God.

Deu 29:23
The whole land will be covered with brimstone, salt, and burning debris; it will not be planted nor will it sprout or produce grass. It will resemble the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, Admah and Zeboiim, which the Lord destroyed in his intense anger.

Holy crap! Brimstone! Salt!, Burning debris! Nothing will fucking grow!
Yes I would say that God is an angry Vengeful God. Why is my anger wrong then and why do I have to manage my anger? God does not attend group therapy. He smites those that have offended him!

Lev 26:21
If you walk in hostility against me and are not willing to obey me, I will increase your affliction seven times according to your sins.

Shit! Seven times according to your sins.
He states that we are to smite those that offend us or have taken a position against him! How can one smite another without anger?

Judges 15:6
So the Philistines went up and burned her and her father. Samson said to them, “Because you did this, I will get revenge against you before I quit fighting.” He struck them down and defeated them.

He later whoop their asses with just the jaw bone of a donkey. But mind you he was pissed they had killed his best girl and her father. They had offended him. No one said 'hey Samson, Dude, I can empathize with your feelings and I can see where you are coming from but this anger is not good. You should learn to control your anger, manage it.'
Yeah fucking right! God said here you should beat them down, whoop their girly asses with a bone, just a freakin’ bone. And that is exactly what Samson did! God gave him the strength to do so.
So why am I told that I have to control, quell and stop an emotion that is so close to God, so revered by God so encouraged by God? Because it is God's enemies that want me to be pacified, pussified, whimpified. The enemies of God want me controllable. Because, if I am controllable then they can control me. And that is what all this anger management shit is about.
I...nay we should not try to stop our anger or control our anger, we should wallow in it bath in the wondrous power of the felling of anger. We should celebrate the anger with parties and beatings and make total festivals for anger.
That is anger management! That is what we should do.

Let me share another passage with you...
Isa 5:25
So the Lord is furious with his people; he lifts his hand and strikes them. The mountains shake, and corpses lie like manure in the middle of the streets. Despite all this, his anger does not subside, and his hand is ready to strike again.

If we act on our righteous God given anger it will become stronger and better attuned. This is the anger management that God would want. This is the type of anger that God has. And we all know that the premise of worship and learning is to be more like God and the way that God wants us to be. So to better own the anger you should act on it, encourage it, train it to be there for you. This is anger management that is right with God and in Gods way.

Isa 9:17
So the sovereign master was not pleased with their young men, he took no pity on their orphans and widows; for the whole nation was godless and did wicked things, every mouth was speaking disgraceful words. Despite all this, his anger does not subside, and his hand is ready to strike again.

Again another example of God's anger being there when it was needed. We all know that our God is an angry God and a vengeful God. The bible has many lessons for us to read and take to heart.

Isa 13:9
Look, the Lord’s Day of judgment is coming; it is a day of cruelty and savage, raging anger, destroying the earth and annihilating its sinners.

"Annihilating its sinners." WOW! No seriously WOW! He is coming to kick their asses. And it is our duty to help the Lord when ever possible. But if we let them and their "anger management" and their "politically correctness" control our lives and the way we feel then we will not be ready to purge the earth of the unholy, unwashed, evil hordes that are the enemies of God. And this is their plan with the propaganda and the "oh we have to LOVE everybody" "We need to be more compassionate to our neighbors, especially our neighbors to the south."

NO! [HIT THE PODIUM HARD and yell loud] If the have offended me I do not have to be compassionate, I do not have to provide them health care when I can not provide health care to myself.

NO! [HIT THE PODIUM HARD and yell loud] If someone has pissed me off then I have the right to express that anger.
[HIT THE PODIUM HARD and yell loud] It is my anger. I own that anger
[HIT THE PODIUM HARD and yell loud] God gave me that anger
[HIT THE PODIUM HARD and yell loud] It is mine to do with what I want
[HIT THE PODIUM HARD and yell loud] Stop fucking telling me to manage it!
[HIT THE PODIUM HARD and yell loud] fucking manage this bitch! [Show the middle finger]
[HIT THE PODIUM HARD and yell loud] this is my right [hold the finger up again] and you will not take it from me!
[HIT THE PODIUM HARD and yell loud] you want to control something control your desire to control me
I will not be your patsy, I will not be your hey boy, I will not be your bitch!
I will make them pay for what they have done. Just as the Lord makes all sinners pay. Because it is my God given right.
Do not think that I am a man who will give up my fucking rights with out a fight. God would be very disappointed in me No all of us if we did not stand up for ourselves.
Think about it! If child is being bullied would you want him to let the bully own him or would you be proud of your child standing up for himself??
DAMN Skippy! You want him to be assertive, you want him to take what is his, it belongs to him he should have it!
God feels the same about us. We are his children and he wants us to succeed. We can not succeed if we are taken out of the game by weird rules, rules that the winners do not follow. Why do they not follow because the rules are only there to keep the competition down?
Get off your asses and compete. Get off your asses and find that middle finger and let that finger be seen. Show that you have a back bone. Use the jaw bone a donkey. That is what your middle finger is it is your donkey jaw bone. Beat their asses and take what is yours. Celebrate in your anger and be free from the evil that tries to bind.

Gen 20:9
Abimelech summoned Abraham and said to him, “What have you done to us? What sin did I commit against you that would cause you to bring such great guilt on me and my kingdom? You have done things to me that should not be done!”

So I want to leave you with some things to think about. If you make someone angry realize that this is their feeling and you should ask for forgiveness, if they do not want to forgive you then that are just tough shit. You forked up and well what your back. If someone makes you mad then let them know they made you mad and that they should watch their back.
It is your feeling and they mad you feel it is their fucking fault.

Some items that need to be passed along.
Thursday baptismal beatings are still very popular and we are starting to have to reschedule some of the converts to another night. We will now hold the ring open earlier on Thursday no-one should have to wait to be right with the lord.
The teen’s club is beginning to flourish and become quite the place to be instead of cruzing, making babies, and doing drugs. The girls have their champion in the ring and she may have shot at taking the title from the boys. The girls keep trying every Friday night but they just need that little extra upmph.
The food bank is actually overflowing so if you are aware of any legal citizens, not H1B visas either I mean Real Americans have them contact Judy McFugly for assistance.
Now lets us turn to our neighbor and show them the finger. HA HA ha

I am My Brother's Keeper

Jer 30:17
Yes, I will restore you to health. I will heal your wounds. I, the Lord, affirm it! For you have been called an outcast, Zion, whom no one cares for.”

My friends I have another story to relate to you all. This is about

“I am My Brother’s Keeper.”

I was in the gas station this weekend and there was this guy, this guy must have weighed 400-450lbs.
He is standing there in line in front of me waiting to buy a 44oz coke, Twix, Twinkies, and one of those travel cups of resses swoops.
I am looking at this guy and listening to him huff and wheeze and I am thinking how can this guy take a crap and not think about how he looks. I am willing to bet that he has not seen his feet or his penis for years. I know that the shower stall in my house would be hard pressed to have him fit in and I know that my tub could not fit him and water at the same time.
Where are the cops to stop this man???
I have cops standing at intersections giving out tickets for seatbelts. Why are they not making this a law?? I think that these people should be held accountable fro their actions like motorcycle riders without helmets and car occupants without seat belts.
I decided to do the right thing and I smacked his hand holding the candy and made him drop it. As he turned I brought my hand up under the 44oz cup and sent it flying. He looked at me like I was crazy. Maybe I was but it did not matter. He looked at the candy on the ground and the soda puddle next to it and asked me "What was that for." I smiled and said I was performing an act of good citizenship and saving his life. I also said that I thought that his size did not warrant such crappy food.
Then I slapped my right hand, the one that was touched by God himself, on his forehead and said, “You need to get down to Bally's Total Fitness and get buff, because if you are fat you will not be able to get through the Pearly Gates even turned sideways.”
Then I said, “Your lard will be burned up in the Lake of Fire along with ... dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie. Revelation 22:15”
He said it was none of my business and to mind my own affairs. I explained that under the same premise as the seat belt laws and helmet laws that his size and willful neglect of his health was placing a strain on the health care system that ultimately I am going to have to shoulder since he will not live long enough to pay for enough insurance to cover his debt.
Abdul Seheem Shamire began yelling at us about the mess. I threw a twenty at him and told him that that should cover the problem on the floor. But he continued to scream and yell as though he was in prayer. I deftly stepped around the fat man and reached the counter in two steps. I grabbed the twenty and the back of Abdul's head and slammed the Middle Eastern cranium into the scratcher ticket window on the counter. Abdul began to stop yelling and just whimper. I will make it up to him and his family like I always do.
The fat man stepped back away from me for fear that I was going to hurt him next. Just as I was about to say that I was not going hurt him he slipped in the coke and candy puddle and fell down.
He began to wallow on his back and scream "don't hurt me don't hurt me."
I yelled for him to shut up.
He did but the fear in his eyes was tremendous.
I asked if he was alright.
He said “yes.”
I asked if he could get up from that position.
He said “no.”
I asked, “Do I need to roll you over to your stomach so you can get up.”
He nodded.
I grabbed a hand and pulled him over to his side and he huffed and wheezed for a minute or two and then he began the laborious process of getting up.
When he was on his hands and knees he reached out and picked up that fucking Twix bar. I kicked him in the ribs and yelled "What the hell are you doing, you dip shit?"
He "uffed" and let go of the candy bar. When he was back on his feet I told him that he had better make right his body as his body was a temple of the lord and that God and Jesus do not need that much room.
He nodded and left the station.
I helped Abdul to the back room and made sure that the first aid kit had the proper size bandages and I told him that his family would be receiving a gift to make up for this terrible grievous error on my part.
I also told him that his sister made a wonderful wife and has brought much pride and honor to his family.
I did not have the heart to tell him that his sister is a harlot and a skank. And that I have to beat her daily for committing adultery while I’m at work.
Please remember that your body is a temple for the lord and that it should be fit and ready for him to enter at all times. Also remember that your health is also a burden on the rest of us. Everyone should do their part in making the world a blessed place and as stress free as possible.
Friends I want to remind you all again about the Thursday night bible beat downs. And that you do not have to be a “Lost soul” to get your ass stomped by me, you can just need some good old fashion encouragement and path straitening.
Why just last Thursday deacon Timothy was in need of some guidance because he was having lustful thoughts for a woman at work. But he talked to his wife and she recommended that he come down and see me. After counseling the two I brought the kind deacon into the ring and we went 2 rounds before he saw the light and errors of his ways.
The deacon’s wife went one round before she realized that she should make herself more available to the deacon and maybe spend a little more time on her morning makeup routine.
Cookies, cakes, and coffees have been arranged by the women’s auxiliary and are out in the foyer for a short Sunday morning social please stop have some and talk to your fellow worshiper before going home today.
Thank you and God bless.

Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins has Gastroenteritis of the oral cavity. LOL