White Favoritism by Major League Home Plate Umps Lowers Minority Pitcher Performance and Pay, Baseball Study Finds

I call absolute shenanigans!

“The finding builds on an earlier study that discovered Major League Baseball's home plate umpires called strikes more often for pitchers in their same ethnic group -- except when the plate was electronically monitored by cameras, Sulaeman said”

Southern Methodist University (2011, September 7). White favoritism by Major League home plate umps lowers minority pitcher

Bullshit bullshit bullshit.

That means the umpires performance and his correctness is decided by who when the plate is not monitored electronically?

And you are saying that the umpire is concisely deciding to be bias. Again I call shenanigans.

And then you are saying that the minority pitcher is scaling back his risk taking because he fears the white guy behind the plate.

OMG what a fucking load of crap!

You sir are a hack and a pencil whipping dirty data pusher. You suck as a scientist and a author of papers.

The plate umpire is not going to be judgmental based on race. His concern at the plate is the freaking ball.

You even stated he is not when the plate is monitored. So when the plate is monitored he is being judged without bias and he is found to be not bias, but, when his only judge is the person or observer is in a booth or on a bench or in the stands with an agenda, and a very poor angle and perspective he, the umpire, is found to be bias.

That alone shows your data is dirty and you have gathered data and written a paper with an agenda and bias to start.

I say your paper shows favoritism and racial biasing and you have cherry picked your data and whipped your statements into a flaming pile of pooh.

Now I will admit that if you looked into the past historical relationships of umpires, pitchers, batters, and managers, you may find some biasing based on run-ins and conflict.

But not race.

I can tell you the plate umpire is only concerned about that 100mph ball and a invisible box that has to stay consistent regardless of hour, jeering, and earlier mistakes.

Go read this piece of filth first and then you will understand this rant more.


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