I have just recieved word from the lord

The lord just told me that there is a great new tool that i can use to help spread his word.


so here is my entry.
I am Reverend John Sleestaxx. I fight evil everyday I can wake up and breathe. And to have such a powerful tool to vanquish evil heretics would save me a lot of time and bibles.

Why just today I just saved the souls of 2 car jackers. And it is just 8:00 AM.

I was on my way to work when these two Satan possessed individuals approached my car. They demanded I give them the keys. I told them I would give them a large helping in the lord’s word. They looked at the bible in my hand and laughed.

The first one stepped towards me and I took my bible thumped it across his face and he fell down calling our fathers name.

The second raised a pistol I swung the good word across his hand and brought the bible up. Bringing the bible down, spine first, across the bridge of his nose and he too fell to his knees under the mighty words of our creator.

I know if I was to wield the might of a glorious tool of the lord, such as the Mortifax, I would be able to save many more souls.

but unfortunately the web form does not proper populate for united states citizens. i am sure that before you all go and scream into their feedback forms that they are prejudiced against us people in the states. give them time to fix the problem.

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