You can not do what i do

I am calling this post;
If you can not do what I do, do not try to tell me how to do it.

My life is a dead corpse and I am exposed naked flesh of my mothers sins and father transgressions.
My torture is the ropes of my past pressed into my throat and my genitals are stuffed into my mouth.
My tears are acid on my cheeks cutting through the dirt of my failures.
My screams are the thunderous laughter of a sitcom laugh track being played over the actions of my enemies stabbing me in the back.
My world is lit with demon fire spot lighting my fears.
My failures are graffiti on the walls for the world to see.

Other notes of my past week
Baseball everyday last week except one day of softball. I can not remember a single incident to mention.
This week end I did 13 games
Friday no issues
Saturday two in the morn with my son
I double plated for him as he felt under the weather.
When we were done he commented on how well I ran the games and that my zone was rock solid
Then I had two 14's
Good games. But I was a prick and did not mean to be. (For once can you believe it?)
I had a banger at first from "C" I rang the boy up for the third out.
The coach came to me and asked if he could appeal that call
Without meaning to I chuckled and said "absolutely not I saw that play all the way in and it was my call"
He turns and shoots a drive by I felt the foot was pulled hats all.
I think about what I said and how I sounded and asked my partner "was I just a prick?"
Well you sounded cocky
Shit that was not what I meant at all
Should I go talk to the coach about it?
naw it is too late he can just stew on it but this is how you should have approached it. And he instructed me on the proper conversation
Then I close the day with 2 more games with my son
Again I had a banger at 1st from "C" but this time I was out of angle but the ball got there first punched the ticket
1st base coach called time I looked and him he asked the right way " hey blue can you get some help on that because the foot was off the bag and your partner may have seen it better from his angle."
I turn and there is the other coach trying to chew on my partner.
Coach get to your box now. it is my call But but
No, coach go back to your place
He began to argue and I started to turn I was going to drop the whole thing right there.
He left to his box
I ask my partner was the foot off or on?
it was off
shit shit shit this is going to suck!
yeah I know
are you sure?
yes I am sure it is going to suck
I smile
Ok then here comes the shit storm
I turn "runner is safe get the team back on the field.
Screams and yells and crying and yelling
The defensive coach starts to yell at my partner
I step up
Coach that is my call talk to me
How can you let him over turn that
That is not the way to do that
No coach he did not over turn anything
Yes he did
No I was asked the correct way if I could get some help since I was angled out and may have missed the pulled foot.
I asked for another angle I got some input and I changed my call
Now get your team on the field
he starts "you know I have played pro ball for eight years and umpired too and you guys always seem to screw this up"
This conversation is over get your team on the field and get in the dugout I turn
The team piles back on and the coach asks for a warm up for his pitcher
No he does not need one.
What why not
Because I said so
After a run scores they get the third out.
I walk up to my partner as the coach is chewing on my partner
I start to explain again and gets quippy with my tone gets loud (bad thing)
Why are you yelling at me
I am not yelling I talking louder because you are not listening
Yes I am
No you are not. Because I said this conversation is over and you are still trying to talk about this
I am talking to your partner about the play
While I am here to talk to him and you are looking at me as you talk that means you are talking to me about something I told you was over. See you do not listen
I stand there looking at him not saying a word he finally walks away.
My partner said you know you interrupted me as I was bout to eject him
Oh man I am sorry shit your first ejection I took it away from you I am so sorry really I feel real bad
That’s ok let me handle my game my way.
Yes you are right I am sorry
I stayed out after that.
Then I was on the plate for the last game of the day and I had contact at the plate I deemed non-malicious but he was out
The defense wanted an ejection
I told it was not malicious and that the boy was attempting to slid. he was going down head first with his hands out looking at the ground, his hands never
Made contact with the catcher but they did collide
Coach yelled at me about how a slide works I just look at him blankly
Then I saw coach I know what a feet first slide is and what it looks like but I do not know why you are screaming at me about something I have already ruled on.
Now go back to the dug out and never approach me like this again.
I turned and went back to the plate.
I got many compliments about my zone from both sides.
My partners all said I could have gotten a little wider but in all I was rock solid.
My last 14yo game
Green was losing by a huge number and it was down to the last 12 minutes
Dribbler to short
Short scoops and throws late (he double pumped) but it gets there in time and the runner throws his shoulder into the first basemen knocking him down
I point that is malicious and the runner is ejected just as my partner is doing the same
The coach comes to me
Are you really ejecting my player?
\ This late in the game
Yes I do not want to see him on the field or in your dugout.
But that was not malicious the fielder was covering the bag
No coach your player had an avenue to the bag that did not require throwing his shoulder into the basemen and you know it
So he is ejected?
Yes coach he is ejected.
We finish the game and green loses.
I close the day on an 11AAA consolation game with a team that ate my lunch last year
And the only thing they could chirp about was a third strike that may have been dropped
I was obstructed and I looked at my partner for indication I got none so let them start the throw to first
My partner calls the batter out that the strike was caught and A fucker dad yells well he was not saying anything
I turn with a big smile on my face to him (He was outside but I talked to him anyways) your catcher blocked my view so that made the call my partners call and I do not have to make that call if the catcher blocks my view.
Everyone laughed at the dad and the frankness of the whole exchange like yeah you know that!
Not another peep from fucker
the game came down to 9 to 0 at the top of 4 visitor still can not score so now at bottom of 4 we get a walk and he steals second a bad throw puts him on his way to third and a pass ball puts the ball into the dugout fence it rattles about by the fence and touches a non player standing out side of the dug out.
Dead ball runner goes home ball game
The coaches all knew that was the right call and they just said "line up"
That was my horribly slow and boring weekend
I know I am late with another review but I was working till 10:30 every night last week and this week too.

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I am the right cross of god and i am the ear of god

I have an announcement.
 The Pope is a regular reader and I am an advisor to the pope.
 I know people in the Bio-information field and I know other in genetic engineering and I tell each one that they are killing god because when they can do what god does others will then say if we can do it then god does not exists and our entire moral and ethical foundation will fall away leaving selfishness, moral turpitude and a crumbling of any value set the human race had left.
 they laugh and scoff.
 I tell them that not only am I the right cross of god but i also have the ear of god but they laugh and scoff.
 I have written many sermons relating to the following news article. I have preached this and I have baptized sinners over this.
  October 11th i wrote a sermon about the greed of employers and the sins they are committing as false prophets.

and now the pope as declared Seven new sins

Seven new deadly sins

9:44a.m. 11 March 2008

Gluttony and Pride are out of vogue as Pollution and Being Rich step in as some of the new ’mortal sins’ as updated by the Vatican. See full list below.

Times have changed and so have sins and sinners, according to the Pope’s second-in-charge, Monsignor Gianfranco Girotti, who this weekend spoke on modern evils, Reuters reports.

Genetic manipulation, drugs that ’weaken the mind and cloud intelligence,’ and the imbalance between the rich and the poor have made the cut to be new sins punishable by an eternity of damnation in hellfire.

It also seems that Dolly the sheep’s creators are due for a shock in the afterlife, as Girotti, the head of the Apostolic Penitentiary, told the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano that bioethics were an important area of danger for the ’modern soul.’

"There are areas where we absolutely must denounce some violations of the fundamental rights of human nature through experiments and genetic manipulation whose outcome is difficult to predict and control," he said.

The interview entitled ’New Forms of Social Sin,’ also listed ecological offences as a issue of substance.

The Vatican plans to lead by example with some Holy See buildings set to use solar energy, including photovoltaic cells on the roof of the auditorium for pilgrims’ audiences with the pontiff.

But will these new sins make people feel the need to confess their carbon-monoxide spewing 4x4 any more than they would confess casting a lusty eye over the neighbor’s wife?

Not likely, as Girotti also bemoaned the fact that fewer and fewer Catholics go to confession in our day.

A study by Milan’s Catholic University had shown that up to 60 percent of Catholics in Italy did not attend confession - where a priest can absolve them of their sins in God’s name - with 20 percent feeling uncomfortable discussing their sins with another person.

Just as life was back in the 6th Century when Pope Gregory the Great declared the original seven sins, they were a lot simpler. However, their punishment was still no fun at all:

1. Pride - Broken on the wheel
2. Envy - Put in freezing water
3. Gluttony -Forced to eat rats, toads, and snakes
4. Lust - Smothered in fire and brimstone
5. Anger - Dismembered alive
6. Greed - Put in cauldrons of boiling oil
7. Sloth - Thrown in snake pits

The new sins are a lot less black and white:

1. "Bioethical" violations such as birth control
2. "Morally dubious" experiments such as stem cell research
3. Drug abuse
4. Polluting the environment
5. Contributing to widening divide between rich and poor
6. Excessive wealth
7. Creating poverty

No specific punishments have been put forward as yet, although one would assume that modern sins deserve suitably modern punishments.

Perhaps ’an eternity without your Blackberry’ or ’only people you want to avoid will add you as Facebook friends forever’ could be suggested.

                                           valign="top">                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ..table>
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With A Mouthful Of Razorblades
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In My Neighborhood #12 By Rev. J. Sleestaxx

In My Neighborhood #12
By Rev. J. Sleestaxx

You know I was going to move David Bowie into my neighborhood and then as I was writing notes I remembered his faggotity (not that there is anything wrong with that) song about being scared of Americans and well the whole thing turned into “I hate liberal foreigners and the stupid songs they sing” rant and I lost all fucking focus.
So with little todo and no fanfare what so ever here is the notes for david bowie. (i reserve the number and the option to try again some other time)
David bowie
Gay not gay?
Major tom?? What the hell is that all about? Drugs??
One green eye and one blue eye with a dead pupil.
Scared of Americans
Fuck that and fuck you bitch scared of Americans, but you fucking move in and drag down our neighborhood with your gay ass whinny liberal views
You and the rest of the famous people have no idea about shit and you all want to talk shit about shit you do not understand or even comprehend.
Fucking assholes and the likes of you are not needed as neighbors. You all think that the world is about worshiping of your awesomeness.
“Oh love me, define me, I want water, bring me a water, where's my doggie, oh I want my precious little stupid Chihuahua. I want to be photographed caring a pink dog in a pink purse that costs more then the annual income of my gardener”. Yeah? Yeah fuck that!
I have had enough of the famous people with their fucking soapbox statements about shit that they can not comprehend. Fuck you David Bowie and fuck you and your fucking faggot (not that there is anything wrong with that) country. Your lets us worship a dried up old bag of a women who probably had no clue who she is anymore but let us worship that some more.
We Americans kicked your gay (not that there is anything wrong with that) British ass and we bailed your fucking liberal thinking butt fucking asses out of a war with a country that is one 30th the size of Texas.
Think about that. You populated a land mass with the prisoners and religious refugees of a culture that was doomed from the start. and in a short period of time we beat your ass back across the pond, improved your living style with our innovations and then we help you out in a fight that really never should have happened in the first place if you all had not acted the liberal pussy to begin with.
They can not figure out if they are gay of not gay. They can not stay married for more than a year or two. They can not even support their own team.
They make all that money and they dump it into lavish stupid things like multimillion dollar videos that last for 5 minutes and probably get a play time of 30 for the course of the release.
Hell MTV does not even play videos anymore.
They go around and buy love because they do not know how to love.
they wander around" love me" define me" I want water bring me water" where is coco my stupid dog" I want all green m-n-ms." "Do I look fat?" am I still awesome?"
They have 500 million leaches sucking their egos and stroking their personalities and devouring their cash.
The want the worship they want the admiration they want to be loved but they can not love themselves and they know it.
So they all tear down everything around them and trivialize and marginalize their audiences so they can be bigger.
Fuck that and fuck David Bowie. Bitch get your damn foreign ass out of my neighborhood and take that pussy little rat dog with you.
What you are still here? Get the fuck off my lawn before I shoot your gay ass and call the cops in that order! And I slam the door

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One year

for a year into this void of humanity and reason that is myspace. one year and 162 posts of rambling crap, sermons of the messages that god leaves for me on my voicemail, and homilies of fucking losers and assholes that I have beaten and baptized.
 I thought that maybe I would share some of the data I have collected.
My running average of people looking at my profile is 18 a day
the running average looking at my blog is 23 a day
 The running average of friend request that are accepted is 3 a day and the total req is 22. some are just fuckers that want to bitch at me and some are spam.
 25+ million lunatics have joined my network over the last year and I expect that most are just horny girls to stupid to figure out how to upload their nudy pictures (lol) so they have a more mature profile because myspace is for kids.
 My son's profile hardly changes and he has not tried to hide anything from us either.
 In the past year I have written two books.
 I also expect that posting most of the book online may hurt my sales too.
 The graphic novel is not going to be posted and is nearly half complete. Fuck I hate being an artist!
 following is the first post and the only rerun in one year I would like the television fuckers to say that!

Anger And Malice
    By Rev. J. Sleestaxx

A couple of readings first….

Rom 1:29 They are filled with every kind of unrighteousness, wickedness, covetousness, and  malice. They are rife with envy, murder, strife, deceit, and hostility. They are gossips!

And forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those that trespass against us

My friends I carry much anger over the care of our fellow man. Meaning what we do to our neighbors, what we inflict on our brothers deeply and profoundly troubles me.
 Let me tell you the story of two panhandlers

I wanted to know why one race makes more than another race. I mean we are both men, we are both created in God's image, getting it down to brass tacks we both have the same mother and father. As we all know that Adam and Eve is our father and mother.
 But everyone expects one to work and the other not to work.
 This has to be wrong, so I decided to test the theory. I asked one race to panhandle with me ( I explained I would double any money he collected). We picked a street corner and took one side while I took the other.
 During the course of the day I was yelled at, spit at, and basically treated as trash, no more than a piece of human garbage. While the other guy made 350 dollars.
 This was ridiculous!
 I was expected to work and I was not entitled to any help or handout because I was white while the other panhandler made 350 dollars. He made 350 dollars for doing nothing but standing there with his hand out.  I even made the friggin’ sign so that they would read the same
Did I double his money?
Hell No! The lord helps those that help themselves!
 He needs nothing from me he makes more from handouts than I do for hard work! Fuck That!
 I bust my hump every day and make less while he hangs out for a few hours and makes more money.
 What do you think I did? That's right! I kicked his ass and took all of the money.
 Now that Is Malice.
 Now there maybe some of you that are a little upset by this, There maybe some of you that may be offended.
 And well that is fine, you are entitled to your own opinion and you are welcome to come down after the sermon to get your ass kicked by me.

Rom 1:29 They are filled with every kind of unrighteousness, wickedness, covetousness, malice. They are rife with envy, murder, strife, deceit, hostility. They are gossips,
 I hold baptismal beatings every Thursday night in the rectory boxing ring.
 Why do we call them baptismal beatings?

Num 22:23 And the donkey saw the angel of the Lord standing in the road with his sword drawn in his hand, so the donkey turned aside from the road and went into the field. But Balaam beat the donkey, to make her turn back to the road.

You are all the ass that when you see the lord or his angels you turn from the road in fear.
 Because the beatings do not stop until you are screaming in tongues "oh God stop oh God Make it stop!"

Sa 22:39 I wipe them out and beat them to death; they cannot get up; they fall at my feet

 Some parishioners think that maybe I am a bit to harsh, but you know what? I am this way because this is the life I was dealt and it has made me this way.
 All the years of being some fuck heads bitch and not getting the break I kept getting told I was due.

Mat 5:5 “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth

  My congregation is mostly made up of many individuals that realize that they are back sliders stubborn sinners that need an ass whoopin' to get set straight.
 And that is where I come in, old or young, man or woman. I kick their ass until they see the light. They are the ass that runs from god and his angels. And I am the one that beats them back to the road to righteousness.
 They are allowed to fight back I expect them to but you see God has made me strong

Jdg 6:14 Then the Lord himself turned to him and said, “You have the strength. Deliver Israel from the power of the Midianites! Have I not sent you?”

This is my calling.
 God has asked me to kick your ass.

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Oh yeah for the past 162 post i have never been anything but angry and i am proud of that!

The Next Hitler

Cwtstraydog: Have you got the papers I sent?
RevJSleestaxx: yes. why can i not post sermons?
Cwtstraydog: Yeah I saw that you posted “Gluttony”.
RevJSleestaxx: i was in a sharign mood and i was pissed they were taking so long to make an offer.
RevJSleestaxx: >sharing<
Cwtstraydog: Because the people looking to buy Razorblades says that it must contain unpublished material. They also do not like you calling coaches idiots.
RevJSleestaxx: that is too bad because i would rather starve than be censored!
Cwtstraydog: I understand and i told them that, that is why i have not torched your baseball posts.
Cwtstraydog: I am going to be the next Hitler. I am going to kill all the jews and 1 clown.
RevJSleestaxx: why the clown??
Cwtstraydog: See no one cares about the jews.
RevJSleestaxx: ROFLMAO. we both need a good ass whopping for that laugh!
Cwtstraydog: LOL

Currently reading
Like A Monkey With A Handgun
By Rev. J. Sleestaxx
Release date: By 3 December, 2007
Also reading
With A Mouthful Of Razorblades
By Rev. J. Sleestaxx
Release date: By 6 February, 2007

Music Review #3 and #4

I was sick then I was on vacation (thank you Colorado for letting me there to be treated like crap [That is another story])
thank you mother nature for the white stuff for me to snowboard on and thank you to the church for the use of the auditorium to speak in and providing the audience to speak to. A very nice crowd, but pussies when it came to the baptisms.
I owe you all two Thursdays of reviews one for last Thursday and one for today.
So with little more fanfare here are reviews #3 and #4 for the 3rd and 4th weeks of March.
I listen to all of the tracks on all of the pages at least twice but to save time I only mention those that hit me right and gave me something to say. I know that no one wants to hear me say nothing.

Wednesday 13
United States
Rock / Punk / Gothic
I ended up with them on my list as the shinys began to hit me up and I looked at their pages I began to see more and more of these guys. I may have sent the request or not I do not remember to tell the truth.
Only two tracks and the pictures show a large MM influence. I like the cowboy hat with the sleeve tattoos. Nice Touch!

Not another Teenage Anthem
Well it did not strike an anthem chord with me. But then again I am fucking older than dirt! And it was not another anthem song. Good strumming and poppy drums. I hear some Marilyn Manson influence. I liked the stuff but I do not know if I could find a place on my non-descript MP3 player (no freebies here bitches).
Truly a in your face angst anger at the world type of tune I liked it on the first listen and I really liked it on the third time through I could see this on my workout list around the 5th mile as a slower pace to rest.
Artist has not enabled downloads for this song (why not put a lower bit rate up for this at least?)

But after hearing skeletons a second time I would place this group's CD on my list of purchases and put the tracks in my carputer play list when I get it.
Artist has not enabled downloads for this song (why not put a lower bit rate up for this at least?)

No press pack so here is the link

Wendy O Williams
NEW YORK, New York United States
All though this artist has passed on and her death anniversary is around the corner and her birthday is also near I thought I would honor both dates with a review. I am also polishing a neighborhood chapter.

Going Wild
Starts out like a Rock ballad and then picks up and you hear the growling voice of Wendy O'. This brings back many memories of my youth and the anger when I had less control.
Artist has not enabled downloads for this song (why not put a lower bit rate up for this at least?)

Speed metal that has some tones of when the Plasmatics were ending their group life. I like the message and I liked the riffs and the chorus can get stuck in your head real easy
Artist has not enabled downloads for this song (why not put a lower bit rate up for this at least?)

Pig Is A Pig
I do not know why I see the would pig and I think of three people Mr. Jones, Stewart Katz and the cop that gave me a tour of down town when I was really too freakin drunk to even spell my name. But that is another story that should be left untold (I may get nominated for president one day).
This song is dedicated to the cowardly journalists and oppressors that make our lives more difficult than need be. I hope that a myspace blogger that reviews artist pages does not count as a cowardly journalist.
Artist has not enabled downloads for this song (why not put a lower bit rate up for this at least?)

I Am Your Priestess
A very nice piece that show cases her abilities and the bands range nicely. I can remember banging my head to this and I can definitely hear AND feel Motorhead's influence thought this entire tune. Definitely on my short list but I may have to look at the used section of a certain record store (no freebies here bitches)
Yes Wendy you were my Priestess and now you are a saint and we shall declare May 28th as Saint Orlean Feast Day, only pork shall be consumed in honor of Wendy. The incense to be burned on this day shall be gun powder and gasoline.
Artist has not enabled downloads for this song

No press pack so here is the link

White Minorities
Hardcore / Ghettotech / Metal
(What is Ghettotech? Go and listen bitch face!)
A home town band that I never got to see due to forced witness relocation
8Th Floor
Fuck yeah I like this shit! There is definitely some real anger here. But the track ended prematurely twice (this could be a streaming problem). I like the mixing of the drums and I think this goes well with the lyrics and the style of the entire band. I would like to see these guys when I get back into town when it is safe for me to be there and in public.
Nice arrangements kind of I feel some Dope and maybe some Korn here also. I think they have listed Korn as an influence and a grievance with Papa Roach lol.

Artist enabled downloads and I will be adding them to my "non-descript MP3 player".

But the track ended prematurely twice (this could be a streaming problem).
Mother, I think garage Metal is all grown up. And I like the way he has turned out. I like the artwork and the collection of flyers in their albums. Nice touch
Artist enabled downloads and I will be adding them to my "non-descript MP3 player".

All in all on my Player but I will have to listen allot more before I try to add to my work out play list.

No press pack so here is the link

Burnaby, British Columbia Canada
Old school punk rock from Canada. You know they have preached about globalization but I never really understood until I received more education and felt the pinch in my position. I liked their rendition of "War" and I loved talking to Joey and Randy when they came to town.

Liar For Hire
Sharp catchy and has the right arrangement to get my rage to bubble a bit but not so bad that I want to beat my cube mate senseless. Although if he complains anymore I there may be an accident. ;)

The Enemy
I really remember this track and loved thrashing (Before moshing) to this shit. Real, raw, hot, call to action type of tune. I really feel the need to thrash about and break some shit! Like a big fucking fat mean old man locked in suburbia.
Over all now on the short list of purchases. I feel my family may think I am getting into a midlife crisis listening to too much old school but fuck it I love this shit!

There appears to be an ice hockey track on this page.
If you claim to like old school punk then this should be familiar with these guys if you are not then get to know them before you are a poser.

Artist enabled downloads
No press pack so here is the link

New york, New York United States
This was suppose to be a review about the artists performance recorded and displayed on the page but in an effort to make the page cool and fresh they broke the page. The page does not browser right and there is too much shit embedded that you can not listen to any of the tracks. And you can not listen to anything because there are at least two embedded streams playing at the same time. I maybe old but I do not think that even my son would like the mix I was subjected to.
Do not say that I am too old to get the internet because I fucking wrote the internet Bi-ahtch! I schooled fucking homo al gore on the god damn internet on the fuck information superhighway back in the day of BBS'es when down loading porn took 30 minutes so do not come back to me Diddy and say I do not know shit!
Sorry no review but I can give second chances as this is my world!

No press pack so here is the link

Ban Dergango
Stephenville, Newfoundland Canada
Gothic / Electro / Grime
I liked the pictures I found when I was requested to add as a friend. They came along with a wave of shinys (Fetish Models). I am also remembering when I was young and hanging in dance clubs when there was not a keg in the park. I remember the whole rave thing starting as I started needing to find safety for my family.

Boogie Man
Oingo boingo sort-of I hear it but I also hear some mature singing tones and by mature I mean not forced screaming but controlled tones and pitches. Funny rhythms.
Artist enabled downloads How very nice!

Habbit Rabbit
Funny story of midlife crisis onto of techno muddied out a bit but still you can feel Ecstasy creeping into the soles of your feet.
Artist enabled downloads How very nice!

Livin' In The Dump
Nice techno I can see this track on my "non-descript MP3 player". But not in my workout play list (sorry not fast enough for me) but I will be adding then to the long list of purchases. And the track to my techno play list that is ever increasing.
Artist enabled downloads How very nice!

If you have the opportunity to catch these guys go and take plenty of water as I hear Ecstasy dehydrates you.
No press pack so here is the link

M!SS Crazy
San Jose, California United States
Rock / Glam / Metal
Makeup like the crow and a girl bass player!!!!!
I have a thing for girl bass players.
Girl bass players, fast cars, grocery stores, butter and video slots are what put me in the witness relocation program.

Can't Sleep
Motley Crew, Guns and roses, in my younger years I would have these guys in my collection and received much shit for it but fuck 'em!
Very much the late 80's rock that was so popular in LA. I can find this on my "non-descript MP3 player" and on a rock play list with Axle and Vince.
Artist has not enabled downloads for this song (why not put a lower bit rate up for this at least?)

Livin' Without you
Nice hair ballad. I could really get to liking these guys (and Girl). Nice would definitely like to see this on my "non-descript MP3 player".
Artist has not enabled downloads for this song (why not put a lower bit rate up for this at least?)

Make you Mine
Chugging and rocking along with the proper screams in time. The speed is good for a slower pace in the run but fast enough to not loose focus
Artist has not enabled downloads for this song (why not put a lower bit rate up for this at least?)

Looks that Kill
A Motley Cover that I like just as good as the original. You know what I mean? People try to cover a song that is a trademark and they just fuck it up. Not these guys (And Girl) they rocked the shit out of that tune!
Artist has not enabled downloads for this song (why not put a lower bit rate up for this at least?)

They look to be branding themselves like the kiss army and that may be a good idea, but too many pages leads to dilution and difficulty in locating home base. I do not know what a street team is but they are looking for some.
I do not go into public to hear music anymore. If it was not a risk to my life or security for my family I would check them out. Putting them on my short list.

No press pack so here is the link

San Diego, California United States
Indie / Alternative
I have no idea where the hell she came from in my list of friends but I do like the soft melodies and the picture for her profile is sexy in a non-porno way.
She writes her own shit and it sounds very professional. The internet is fucking awesome in that anybody with drive and a computer can create what only special people could do in the past.

Yours Truly
Sounds very similar to another pop tune on the radio I can not put my finger on it but I do like it. I may not put this on my "non-descript MP3 player" but I would not be looking for other stuff when this rotated around.
Artist has not enabled downloads for this song (why not put a lower bit rate up for this at least?)

A faster more rockier (Is that a word?) tune. Still keeps the vocals in pitch but I hear some microphone compression on the high side and I do not think it was meant to be there. In fact the entire mix appears to suffer from bit rate envy.
Artist has not enabled downloads for this song (why not put a lower bit rate up for this at least?)

Ghosts Remix
What was I saying about computers?? No it is not the computer or the artist I think my biggest problem is the bit rate at which the encoding was done. I do like the beat and the lyrics and the rhythms but there are rages that just come out muddied or flatten. I can not really put my finger on the problem.
Artist has not enabled downloads for this song (why not put a lower bit rate up for this at least?)

No press pack so here is the link

Again if you are a musician and want your tracks reviewed add me and message me for review and I will get to you as soon as possible. Remember two old and two new and on Thursdays.
If you want a whole CD reviewed get with me and we can work something out. I think my publisher may let me use his address.

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I am sick

And this is best you will get for a few days
ninja pimp chickens and visions of sug knight

9A Rec baseball

Two games one by my self. i should have thought about it and left the plate shoes at the car and just worn the field shoes they are much lighter.
I had someone passing by at the end of the first game and jump on to help me out. Thanks!
9A what can i say the pitches were either right there or they were not.
At one point i had R3 and a ball four walk. batter-runner trots up to first and then breaks to second.
the defensive coach calls time. I grant. he asks "thought that was a ball four walk"
it was
then i am kind of wondering why the runner is standing on second base.
Because he stole second
oh, can he do that?
If he could not i would have sent him back.
Oh Ok then
we play and the game finishes no-one is hurt and no-one is too made.
i am again asked about the second base steal i explain it to him and that is is
second game had not a thing to note and i was sharp and my timing was awesome!

Currently reading
Like A Monkey With A Handgun
By Rev. J. Sleestaxx
Release date: By 3 December, 2007
Also reading
With A Mouthful Of Razorblades
By Rev. J. Sleestaxx
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Music review #2

I went to the store to find Magnolia Thunderfinger CD but was not lucky enough.
The response for reviews was tremendous holy ships and hamburgers.
 So it was my intention to review the older bands that I have added but to get through the old, I have decided that Thursdays will be for Baptism beatings and music reviews. So every Thursday I will review four band tracks, 2 new and two older.

  I went out to buy a couple CDs NEW! very very rare for me. I look for used and for trade.
 I had a short list. If the list was not met then I was too buy a piece of software that I need to  complete my graphic novel.

Noise Within
 Good tight drum set
 Privilege typical metal ballad nice tempo and good riffs clearly the vocals and the drums are the back bone of this quartet
 Regardless of remarks I may have made about typical I did like this stuff and I did nod during the second listening.
 felt some of my inner rock chord struck a bit and I did like it I was disappointed that the track  Opportunity had the download feature disabled I would have put it on my (non Descript player) MP3
 Again "artist has disabled the download feature for this song"

 Looking their discography and their name appears too familiar I wonder why they hit me up but ok.
 Deathamphetamine started like three chord punk and I think back to my younger years and wondered why I was a as narrow minded as I claimed everyone was. Speed metal and punk was the same except for the hair.  Maybe it was the fuckers that liked metal trying to beat my ass all the time. Yeah that was funny they would try and I would eat them up and they would think hey maybe not all punks are pussies. And I would think fucking metal heads damn them all.
 But I digress.
 Deathamphetamine started out with some catchy bass riffs but you can tell the back bone of the group is the drummer and the rhythm guitar. They carry the rest. The vocals come in and you know why they seem to have the stamina to last 28 years. 28 fucking years guys holy shit you were the staple of the fuckers that tried to beat my ass. no wonder why the name seemed familiar I saw that name on the bloody shirts of  fans as they attacked me.
 Great to see the city has not eaten you all.
 Liked the page the music was fast and hot but I am not too much a fan of the growling metal.
 Again "artist has disabled the download feature for this song"

Agent Orange
 These guys were on my short list but I could not find a CD at the store.

 I may start a page for store and service review.

 What can I say I have loved this band for more the 28 years. My son loves this band. It is our plan to attend a show should they ever play in town.
 Dusty has always wanted my KISS belt when we ever talked. I am now in a position (older and too old to wear shit like that and not look the fool) that I would pony up should we get to meet again.
 The older stuff rocks so hard and has always struck happy thoughts and happy times when I rip it up and when I drive around town.
 The song "what's the combination" makes me wonder what the hell happened to all of my youth and my  youthful friends and then remember that most have died or should be dead from the toxins they are main  lining (yeah fuck you all! HA)
 But onto happy times
 This skate surf band is a must for any body who likes good tight strings and thought provoking lyrics they should try this guys out,
 Again "artist has disabled the download feature for this song"

 This was on my short list. Group therapy or life and that was for a just a couple songs on either
 Bitch "the one I love is the one I hate but the sex is great"
 Die MF Die "why don't you just go ... Die Muthr Fuker Die, Die Muthr Fuker Die"
 This track is the one my son and I decided was the title track to the end of a day of umpiring. We had this cranked to 8 and we yelled the chorus.
 We bitched about the coaches and the parents and the fact that no one appreciates the work we do.
 Dope I know nothing about these guys other than I think they requested an add and I looked at their page and I liked the song Bitch. Or maybe it was I liked the song Die MF Die and the video bitch.
 But that is enough history
 The band is fcking tight and polished. They are along the same vein as Rob Zombie (reviewed later) but  as Rob is more circus like in his lyrical picture painting these guys strum my hate and anger chords.  These guys get me so fucking pumped for the day of assholes ahead that I almost would call the whole package a musical drug.
 One day a kid is going to do something violent and have this group on his wall and the government will again try to ban music.
 The drums are like a machinegun and the guitars are tied so closely to the drums that the stops can be felt. The speed they play is not too fast and not too slow. I wonder how they perform like that. it is  probably a good thing that steroids is not illegal for musicians because Danzig and these guys would be  in deep shit!
 Again "artist has disabled the download feature for this song"

 Again if you are a musician and want your tracks reviewed add me and message me for review and I will get to you as soon as possible. Remember two old and two new and on Thursdays.
 If you want a whole CD reviewed get with me and we can work something out. I think my publisher may let me use his address.

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8AA Coach pitch

1 game
I was sloppy i did not like my game at all.
Coach pitching is a pitcher not a coach but i let him act the part of a coach.
my outs were good and my safes were crap.
I lost the count once and may have kicked a call at 2nd base. it was a banger and i called safe. thinking back i should have called out because the little hop off the bag may not have been off the bag at all.
These are the little things that just eat my lunch for days afterwards.
especially when it looks like the coach was managing me fuck fuck fuck.
The pitcher coach came to me calling interference as i was watching the ball in the outfield. then said do not call it is ok.
then began to complain about the boy on the bag blocking the bag. i told the coach that i was working hard for him and that if there was obstruction i would see it.
the coach from the other team came to me and asked about the conversation i told him the coach was saying that there was interference at third but i was making sure the ball was a catch/no catch. and before i could finish the statement the coach asked for time to talk to his baseman. i said yes i gave 30 seconds and then told him we were ready to play he made a drive by comment about rushing him off the field.
I told him he asked for time i gave him plenty of time and to get off the field.
I should have told the coach complaining about interference to keep mum and that he was just a pitcher.
These things just tear me up.

Music reviews



My parents stayed with me for a few weeks which was nice

 The stay had me focused on other things.

 Leave No porn on the computers

 Do not beat up my son

 Hold off on work outs to entertain

 Do not beat up my wife

 Can I afford this dinner.

 Do not beat up that guy that cut me off

 Crap Dad is picking up the check again he must think I am poor.

 Do not beat up that waiter that spilled drinks on me.

 I hope my dad is really proud of me

 Do not beat up the neighbor that is complaining about the extra car in front of my house

 I hope mom really likes my wife

 Do not beat anybody up!

 Crap my life is boring as hell!


So in light of this drain on my alter ego I have decided to review the music that is embedded on the pages of musicians of myspace.

 (i do have some neighborhood stories brewing and the sermons have all but dried up maybe I need to get out some and beat the good lord into some people)

 Today I will review the page of "Magnolia Thunder Finger" because I do know Mr. Jones although I do not think I have never had the pleasure to see him play.


 Magnolia thunder finger

            Let it stick

             Rip roaring rock and roll. This fucking song was hot! The guitar was tight and the vocals were raw and smoky.

             I am ashamed that I was too wrapped up in my life to get out and see more bands during this time. I think I would have really dug watching this band play. I have seen some video on youtube and around and they looked              really fucking hot and fun. A fucking shame that they stopped and I moved! I may have moved before Magnolia Thunder Finger. Mr. Jones was I ever at a  Go Dog Go show?

 Do not pass this page up! Go listen and then go find the CD.


 Why do you have the down load feature turned off? Is your stuff on itunes?

(The rap version could be lick the stick)

If you would like me to review your music either message me or add me.


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