8AA Coach pitch

1 game
I was sloppy i did not like my game at all.
Coach pitching is a pitcher not a coach but i let him act the part of a coach.
my outs were good and my safes were crap.
I lost the count once and may have kicked a call at 2nd base. it was a banger and i called safe. thinking back i should have called out because the little hop off the bag may not have been off the bag at all.
These are the little things that just eat my lunch for days afterwards.
especially when it looks like the coach was managing me fuck fuck fuck.
The pitcher coach came to me calling interference as i was watching the ball in the outfield. then said do not call it is ok.
then began to complain about the boy on the bag blocking the bag. i told the coach that i was working hard for him and that if there was obstruction i would see it.
the coach from the other team came to me and asked about the conversation i told him the coach was saying that there was interference at third but i was making sure the ball was a catch/no catch. and before i could finish the statement the coach asked for time to talk to his baseman. i said yes i gave 30 seconds and then told him we were ready to play he made a drive by comment about rushing him off the field.
I told him he asked for time i gave him plenty of time and to get off the field.
I should have told the coach complaining about interference to keep mum and that he was just a pitcher.
These things just tear me up.

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