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My parents stayed with me for a few weeks which was nice

 The stay had me focused on other things.

 Leave No porn on the computers

 Do not beat up my son

 Hold off on work outs to entertain

 Do not beat up my wife

 Can I afford this dinner.

 Do not beat up that guy that cut me off

 Crap Dad is picking up the check again he must think I am poor.

 Do not beat up that waiter that spilled drinks on me.

 I hope my dad is really proud of me

 Do not beat up the neighbor that is complaining about the extra car in front of my house

 I hope mom really likes my wife

 Do not beat anybody up!

 Crap my life is boring as hell!


So in light of this drain on my alter ego I have decided to review the music that is embedded on the pages of musicians of myspace.

 (i do have some neighborhood stories brewing and the sermons have all but dried up maybe I need to get out some and beat the good lord into some people)

 Today I will review the page of "Magnolia Thunder Finger" because I do know Mr. Jones although I do not think I have never had the pleasure to see him play.


 Magnolia thunder finger

            Let it stick

             Rip roaring rock and roll. This fucking song was hot! The guitar was tight and the vocals were raw and smoky.

             I am ashamed that I was too wrapped up in my life to get out and see more bands during this time. I think I would have really dug watching this band play. I have seen some video on youtube and around and they looked              really fucking hot and fun. A fucking shame that they stopped and I moved! I may have moved before Magnolia Thunder Finger. Mr. Jones was I ever at a  Go Dog Go show?

 Do not pass this page up! Go listen and then go find the CD.


 Why do you have the down load feature turned off? Is your stuff on itunes?

(The rap version could be lick the stick)

If you would like me to review your music either message me or add me.


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