In my neighborhood #6 By Rev. J. Sleestaxx

This morning in my neighborhood the power went out at like 6 am. Thank god I was already up because I did not want to be late to work.
 I have already shaved and brushed my teeth and was about to shower when the power went out. I showered in the dark I think I know my old fat body well enough to shower in the dark. lulz
 Anyway everyone was there to fix the power. The cops had my street blocked off. The garbage men were there as it was garbage day, the cable guys were there as they had to reroute some cables and shit. The gas man was there as they felt that maybe the gas line was in jeopardy if they had to do some digging.
 Something like 50 people crowded around the manhole cover in front of my house. Only 5 of them had orange hats the rest had white.
 Pamela had come over to ask for some candles. We talked about the power being out and how the last time this happened she went to Wendy’s door for candles and the "bitch" had handed her two sticks of dynamite. I laughed at the joke, but Pam still does not find it funny.
 Rollins was screaming about living off the grid and some stupid shit like that.
 Mc Hammer was in his pajamas drinking a cup of coffee. Or maybe he was wearing a new outfit. I have the toughest time telling the difference.
 I gave Pamela some tea candles and I closed the door. I got dressed for work and thought that maybe I could get the cops and everybody to let me out of the drive way.
 I was about to leave and there was a knock on the door. It was Johnny Cash. I opened the door and he began to babble about the inconvenience of it all.
 Just the some guy poked his head out of the hole in the ground and pointed towards my house. There was a long discussion and the supervisors turned to wards my house.
 so here I have a cop, a cable guy, a telephone repairman, a gas line supervisor and construction looking dude walking up to my house.
 I totally back grounded Johnny for a minute and he knew it and turned around.
 “Damn it!” he says There are too many people to fix this shit!”
 “What” I ask
 He says, “There are too many witnesses to stop the Village People from moving in.”


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Qelqoth said...

MC Hammer and his dance routine/jimmie jammies are really bloody confusing.

Ok, head on over to my latest post and get involved in the caption contest. Winner gets a month of free fucking ad space. :D