10 concerts/shows

Mr. Jones challenged me to make my list without dates so here goes.

These are the ones I think of today but tomarrow they will be different.

The Lewd at profilatcia 2000

Iggy Pop at profilatcia 2000

Agent Orange at club minimal

The Cramps at some rocker bar off J,K, or L I can not remember

Social Distortion at the crest

Black Flag At the Mab (this was Henry Rollins debut in Nor Cal and he was the scariest

thing i had seen yet

Carol Doda at the condor club

Pink Floyd at Sacramento Community College I saw them at Oakland but found the Sac outdoor

show to be the best experience.

Wall of Voodoo at some other thetre on K street

Rebel Truth at Profilactica 2000

Circle Jerks at tenth street hall

TSOL at tenth Street Hall.

Motor head in San Fransisco

Girl School at some rock bar. I got to see about four songs before my life was in danger and i had to leave. man narrow minded homo fucker faggots.

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