American Forces In iRAQ: Making America Safer or Less Safer

Some rants that I started and was interrupted too many times to finish and lost the momentums.

American Forces In iRAQ: Making America Safer or Less Safer

No! And I tell you why.

Humans as a race of animals are just that, animals.

Oh sure we clean up nice and we pretend to have compassion, but when we close our eyes at night we are thinking how can I get what’s mine, how can I get more I need more.

We are inherently evil we make rules to control the competition but the winners are the

Ones that ignore the rules. We have war'ed from the time we crawled out of the sea to just one minute ago. From the zombie soccer moms that cut me off to the leaders of mulit-national corporations playing Pepsi (a dice gambling game popular in high school 5 6 years ago) with the pension fund.

The leaders of the corporate world are all about preparing their retirement. It is not about innovation and focuses on the core business it is about the share holder and share holder value because they are the share holder they care about the most.

It is a club and they are all about taking care them selves and their frat buddies and piss on he rest of the fucking world.

How do I get what is mine and how do I get what is yours with out getting caught.

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