10 albums to fuck your head up to

Mr. Jones challenged my self to list 10 albums
Here they are in no order and probably fucked up anyways

Rob Zombie - Hellbilly Deluxe i do not know why i listen but i do and i listen at max volume in the can and i find my self screaming the lyrics at the light.

Black Flag - Jealous again. angry fucking angry, fast because thats what gets us off and short because that is how long the inspiration lasts

CRASS - Christ The Album. experimental, communal, nearly a religious experience for me at the time but now i think my hearing loss has increased because i can not see it any more

Bozo Porno Circus - Sins Of The New Flesh DVD some very weird fucking odd shit happens here and i all i can saw is that i would have never explored this genre had it not be by accident at textamerica.com

Motorhead - Ace of Spades You know i was born to lose and gambling's for fools but thats the way i like it you can not live for ever

Lewd - American Wino i had the biggest crush on the bass player and tried many time to be a groupie but always always failed to make the hookup.

Beastie Boys - Time To Get Ill. WTF can be said sharp witty funny and the best anthem to ever be written

ACDC - Back In Black although at the release of this album i hated the band and anything to do with these guys because their followers were always trying to run me down beat me up or they were just fucking with me too much of the time.

Tales Of Terror - Tales Of Terror although I was not in the band but this was a very strong influence on my life. I realized on their return from a US tour that things have changed and that drugs were a very very bad thing to fuck with.

Wire - Pink Flag odd weird and rough and raw loved the album so much i stole it from someone

Eater - The Album you know i saw this in my collection. i do not own a turntable so i can not listen any more so i sold it. This was one of the few that went out that i kind of regret even though i can not recall a single audio memory. Note - fire up Google tonight and look for some mp3s

Tank - Filth Hounds of Hades What can I say "Hated you for far too long, you're just so damn polite"

The Damned - Damned Damned Damned. With headphones on many hours listening to this so that the memories of how horrible my life was drowned out.

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