In my neighborhood #17

In my neighborhood #17
By Rev. J. Sleestaxx

My family was over at Henry’s for movie night. It is something we do occasionally because we are neighbors and I poke fun at him. The movie was “Falling Down”, it was wonderful film of a man snapping, of a man who had enough shit and he went on a walk about. kind of Australia LA style.
Henry starts to talk about how he identifies with the main character played by Michael Douglas. And he pauses the movie to stand in the living center and start a recitation of one of his pieces. Wendy goes to the bathroom and Kidd starts to nod off on Pam’s chest.
Henry starts to speak to my son about corporate rapers and devourers of the common man's soul. And how one morning while shaving his head he came to realization that singing for Black Flag was not his true calling but a prelude to what he must do with his life.
I have that voice, the voice of the common man I can reach multitudes and let them know that the common man is pissed and poor and tired of being someone else’s bitch. The common man works all week at a job he does not enjoy so that he can barely provide for his family and put just enough gas in his tank to go to work another day to do it all over again.
I speak for the average Joe because I identify with him I know him he is my base and I am his champion. He knows that I fight his fight for him.
No, you speak so much and so loud that you only hear your voice, you only know your thoughts. You then stand up there on stage for your high paid speaking engagements and regurgitate your thoughts and your ideals onto the stage like it is the gospel and we all think that way. but you do not speak for me and you do not speak for many of the common man.
You do not struggle?
oh yes I do struggle I struggle against discrimination, I struggle against entitlement. I struggle against oppression and I endure lie after lie after lie. I wade through vomit of “This is for you, It is good for you and I have done this great thing for you”. Much of the same puke and shit you spewed just now. But the fact is you know nothing of my struggle. You work in a field that enjoys you and pays you a beyond average salary. You speak of things you have never ever been in touch with or it has been so long since you have been in touch that you have forgotten the weight of failure, the weight of trudging to a Jay Oh Bee, the god awful beatings at the gas pump knowing that it is all a conspiracy.
A conspiracy? Henry asked
Yes the war, the gas prices, the economy recession and inflation. It is all a great controlling play to guide and heard the masses into a class based society controlled by the rich and supported by the poor.
I know that is what I am talking about.
Well stop talking and do something. The revolution is mounting; the tides of change are ebbing to a wave of evolution. It is just waiting for a spark, a leader, a starter of the fire that would burn the old wood and create a landscape of equality and happiness. But instead you just poke it with a stick and dance around the issue with the step and grace of an ignorant native worshiping the eclipse like it was a great god devouring the sun.
You need to step up and fight, get the ball rolling. Start a channel on youtube tell everyone on youtube who you are voting for and why. Point out platform points and tell them why they are good for the nation, why they are good for the world, and most importantly of all why they are good for me. Then if your champion is elected you have to speak once a month about your candidates actions, you have to explain why your candidate failed to execute and not in the criticizing why that all talking heads do, but in a informative educational way. That way when your candidate succeeds or fails you can be accountable for the awful state that you will bitch about. If you speak for the common man because your voice is the loudest and you have this great platform to speak from, you can be accountable for you choices because that is the problem with the corporate rapers and the politicians that devour the souls and cultures of foreign lands, they are not truly accountable. No-one is and that is the shame. That is the failure in world globalization no-one person is accountable for the mistakes or the colossal failures. China is the terrible un-doer of centuries of human rights progression, but they still get the contracts to make the items that we buy and in turn China buys our countries debt.
If our country would invest in the people they would not have debt, they would have a resource, but they want to starve us into submission. They have failed to follow the simple rules of economy since the 80's and it is all to drag our middle down to the level of the global middle so that the global population is equally poor. The rich will be in charge.
You need to tell people of the tragic opera that is being played out on the global stage and get them to drop the curtain before the fat lady sings.
Wow, Henry said all wide eyed like a kid who fired his first gun, that is a tall order I do not know if I can handle that responsibility. I do not know if my voice is loud enough to be heard.
You go to foreign countries and talk shit about you home team all the time.
Get out there and make a change and not pretend anymore.
Yeah! Henry said with belief raising in his throat, I am no poser, I am hardcore, he yells as he gets pumped up, yeah! he begins to hop about, yeah!
You are old but you are hardcore. I yelled.
He beings to pace like the old Henry I remember
And he starts to slap his head.
Yeah fuck yeah.
And he charges out the door and down the street.
Henry is on a world tour go see him and encourage him, I think he might get a little scared from time to time.
Me? I am watering his lawn and his plants.
I pile his mail up on the dining room table and make sure that his two cats “Spoon” and “Mr. Snuggles” are watered and fed.
The movie??
No we never got to finish it and that is fine because I wanted to my son to think about the parts he saw and not the conclusion of the movie.

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Release date: By 3 December, 2007..

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