Fucken A

I grew up a poor punk rocker. I did not find anything that identified my feelings about life better than fast hard 3 chord punk. I did how ever like KISS. This one rock and roll band caused many hours of chiding and teasing from the other punkers in my circle. Then came the band redkross they did KISS cover tunes in their set and then KISS became cool.
Then when I was back at home I started to hang with a couple of head bangers as they were just about as outcast as my self but with longer hair and well I started to find other hard bands to listen to Motorhead, Girls School, and hey I found a vein of music that was new and just as energy filled as my old stuff.
Now fast forward thirty years later I find that Motorhead still gets me Into the mood of using my car as a weapon and I feel that I have hand enough shit sandwiches and well fuck you all. I also find that the band ACDC is actually good and they make me want to tell most of anyone to fuck off.
But the classics still tell me that everyone is lying to me and that they will never fulfill any promise.
I realized today that the price of gas has eaten my first raise In 3 years. So now any Increase from now until the next fucken raise will put me in the fucking hole even more. Since there was no raise for 3 years and the cost of living and the cost of capital to operate my life in a safe manner has proven to be greater than all the raises and bonuses since 1999.
That is what education will do for you.... You get a little bit of knowledge and you apply the knowledge and then you find that every mother fucker is really out to fuck you and get what ever they want for them selves and they really do not care about the environment, the ........ Nevermind I am getting into a point of information that can get me into trouble.

I LOVE THE WORLD and I AM SORRY FOR BEING A CONSUMER... can I have another cup of kool aid???

See you in hell Rev. Falwell

I am surprised that this pinheads death did not generate a response sooner from me. I know I have busy with other fucked up things in my poor miserable outhouse of a life that I could have not even noticed that this puissant died

Libertystudent arrested with homemade bombs

Ha HA what do you expect, this man was a fucktard on TV he pissed off many with his pussy soap box antics. He shafted the Bakers and then was found to cavorting with prostitutes and drugs. He was rumored to be a pornographer for the mob. It has been said that his 700 club that he stole from Jim and Tammy Baker was a laundry mat for drug money both stateside and foreign. I would not doubt he was involved with the Iran contra shit either. This was a hypocritical man, that, well, is not fit to feed the worms and now we have a large group of like minded individuals in the same place, which believed his whinny bullshit crap about 911 being the fault of fucking gays. Yeah uh o k sure Jerry what ever you say you dumb turd. His Evangelical communist propaganda was border line fascism. If you do not believe in MY GOD then you are the enemy. And as the enemy I will crush you with lies and brut force blackmail and then take every fucking thing you own. Spit spit fuck you Jerry what’s the fucking weather like down there you cunt! Farewell Falwell see you in hell. BITCH! Ha look at that kid, he has gay written all over his psychotic face.

Dude is pissed

I did a search on Chinese "fuckoff" and found this page and this post was them translated to English. man he sounds pissed off. he fucks documents! and optical password protect is a JB egg. and lets street fight night passion.
I Understand the tone so I can relate to his pissed offiness

"QQ fuck to seek means of violence.
我的QQ号码丢了`找他妈也找不回~!I lost the QQ number of `find his mother also be brought back ~! 光有资料跟密码保护都有个JB蛋用!Optical information with password protection is a JB egg! 妈的B的``政见号码也用不上`!Damn B `` political numbers also be used `! 邮件根本不给予恢复!Mail resume does not give! ! ! ! 密保信箱也被改!Confidential mailbox has been changed! 吗了个B的~!Yet the B-~! ! ! ! 到底是想玩什么``到底想怎么样!In the end what she bangs explicit views `` in the end! ! ! 打他妈的客服电话``小姐一直是积极外外不你妈的说正题!Fight fuck `` Miss telephone customer service has been positive and outside is not your mother said is that! ! ! 草!Bill! ! ! 怎么意思!How! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 妈的B的``不叫用了就说,搞那么多几吧蛋子的事干毛!Damn B is not called `` spent, say, engage in it for so many things - eggs dry hair! ! ! 浪费老子的感情`还要浪费老子的电话费!I wasted the feelings of `should I waste the telephone! ! ! ! 妈的B的!Damn B! 支持的顶起来!Support up to the top! ! 1看GM出来给解释不!A look at GM out to explain! ! ! ! 我他妈的证件号 密保资料都全!I fuck documents, confidential information all! ! ! 1```就这也找不回我的号码!1``` also be brought back on my number! ! ! ! 到底他妈的怎么意思!In the end fuck how! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 出来解释!Explain! ! ! 还有那个客服小姐!Had that customer Miss! ! ! 积极外外的不跟你说正题!Active and outside not tell you is that! ! 这他妈的跟街上发的广告打的什么一夜激情的电话有什么区别~!This hell with the advertising street fight what night of passion telephone What is the difference between ~! 还不都是赚那么JB一点点的电话费!Not earn so JB is a bit of telephone charges! ********!********! ! 真副了腾讯公司了!Under the halo real company! 网络里的那么大的一个工资!Lane networks as a significant wage! 靠赚这点钱维护生计!That the money earned on safeguarding livelihoods! 去你妈的吧 。Damn you damn it. 草QQ信箱也收不到你们给的回复邮件!Drafting QQ Box also could not reply to your mail! ! ! 真他M幅你们公司了!He really increase your company M! 草!Bill! ! ! ! 支持的赶紧顶起!Top support quickly! ! ! ! ! ! ! 大不了谁也不用这垃圾软件了!Big deal who do not have this software rubbish! 一点都不负责!Not a bit! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !"

Some more abuse


Awkward Silence and Babies

Every time there is an awkward silence a gay baby is born. Here

Your Parents must be so proud

Stupid Bitch

Golfing and ADHD

I went golfing for the first time last Friday. Oh man it was the ugliest thing my team could not use a single of my drives and the hole that I got to throw the ball -I thought..... Man this is where I get to shine.... here is where I get to really make up some ground.. Oh man do I have to pee... oh crud this is not going to work out as I planned...oh darn sorry guys I choked.... Hey guys... Yoo-hoo guys? Oh darn they are not talking to me now.... That’s ok I was not planning on working with these guys anyways.... Hey where's the beer cart.... Didn't they say they were going to serve pizza after the tourney??... Man that would really hit the spot... Oh crud I still have to pee.... And I have 1 more hole... I would run but I have to go so bad I might have an accident.... Di I ever have an accident in school?.... I remember Jimmy Hargis peed himself I like 8th grade that was the funniest thing..... Man did they give him a hard time for the rest of his school career.... The bullies picked on him so much they forgot about me.... Hey did I pay the cable bill???///