See you in hell Rev. Falwell

I am surprised that this pinheads death did not generate a response sooner from me. I know I have busy with other fucked up things in my poor miserable outhouse of a life that I could have not even noticed that this puissant died

Libertystudent arrested with homemade bombs

Ha HA what do you expect, this man was a fucktard on TV he pissed off many with his pussy soap box antics. He shafted the Bakers and then was found to cavorting with prostitutes and drugs. He was rumored to be a pornographer for the mob. It has been said that his 700 club that he stole from Jim and Tammy Baker was a laundry mat for drug money both stateside and foreign. I would not doubt he was involved with the Iran contra shit either. This was a hypocritical man, that, well, is not fit to feed the worms and now we have a large group of like minded individuals in the same place, which believed his whinny bullshit crap about 911 being the fault of fucking gays. Yeah uh o k sure Jerry what ever you say you dumb turd. His Evangelical communist propaganda was border line fascism. If you do not believe in MY GOD then you are the enemy. And as the enemy I will crush you with lies and brut force blackmail and then take every fucking thing you own. Spit spit fuck you Jerry what’s the fucking weather like down there you cunt! Farewell Falwell see you in hell. BITCH! Ha look at that kid, he has gay written all over his psychotic face.

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