Golfing and ADHD

I went golfing for the first time last Friday. Oh man it was the ugliest thing my team could not use a single of my drives and the hole that I got to throw the ball -I thought..... Man this is where I get to shine.... here is where I get to really make up some ground.. Oh man do I have to pee... oh crud this is not going to work out as I planned...oh darn sorry guys I choked.... Hey guys... Yoo-hoo guys? Oh darn they are not talking to me now.... That’s ok I was not planning on working with these guys anyways.... Hey where's the beer cart.... Didn't they say they were going to serve pizza after the tourney??... Man that would really hit the spot... Oh crud I still have to pee.... And I have 1 more hole... I would run but I have to go so bad I might have an accident.... Di I ever have an accident in school?.... I remember Jimmy Hargis peed himself I like 8th grade that was the funniest thing..... Man did they give him a hard time for the rest of his school career.... The bullies picked on him so much they forgot about me.... Hey did I pay the cable bill???///

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