Fucken A

I grew up a poor punk rocker. I did not find anything that identified my feelings about life better than fast hard 3 chord punk. I did how ever like KISS. This one rock and roll band caused many hours of chiding and teasing from the other punkers in my circle. Then came the band redkross they did KISS cover tunes in their set and then KISS became cool.
Then when I was back at home I started to hang with a couple of head bangers as they were just about as outcast as my self but with longer hair and well I started to find other hard bands to listen to Motorhead, Girls School, and hey I found a vein of music that was new and just as energy filled as my old stuff.
Now fast forward thirty years later I find that Motorhead still gets me Into the mood of using my car as a weapon and I feel that I have hand enough shit sandwiches and well fuck you all. I also find that the band ACDC is actually good and they make me want to tell most of anyone to fuck off.
But the classics still tell me that everyone is lying to me and that they will never fulfill any promise.
I realized today that the price of gas has eaten my first raise In 3 years. So now any Increase from now until the next fucken raise will put me in the fucking hole even more. Since there was no raise for 3 years and the cost of living and the cost of capital to operate my life in a safe manner has proven to be greater than all the raises and bonuses since 1999.
That is what education will do for you.... You get a little bit of knowledge and you apply the knowledge and then you find that every mother fucker is really out to fuck you and get what ever they want for them selves and they really do not care about the environment, the ........ Nevermind I am getting into a point of information that can get me into trouble.

I LOVE THE WORLD and I AM SORRY FOR BEING A CONSUMER... can I have another cup of kool aid???

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