In My Neighborhood #15 Rev. J. Sleestaxx

Miley Cyrus has her lemonade stand out and Wendy and Billy idol are joging last evening this past Saturday and they have finished their 5th loop past the stand iand I guess the traffic has been slow because Miley calls to them "Hy you two must be thirsty by now you have ran past five times. How about some lemonade? On the house.
Really? Billy asks
“Yeah sure business” Miley Cyrus explains “has been slow and I have to pack it in soon and why should I waste it.”
“If you two like maybe next time you will stop and pay for some.”
So she pours two larges for them.
Wendy reaches into her sock for some cash and Miley Cyrus stops her "No ma-am I told you it was on the house."
Wendy says "Well the lemonade tastes great and I thought I would pay now for some and then later when you are out here again I can get some more.”
“No you two do not need to do that.”
“Why thank you.”
“You are sure a nice little girl.”
“Well you two sure are nice for punkers.”
Some laughter then Miley Cyrus asks, “Hey are you really punkers or are you all pretending for the image.”
Well that was it! Billy lost it. His harelip/whiplash pout jumped on his face and he began to yell "What you do not think I am punk? Well how about this?” And he pours the lemonade on Miley Cyrus’ head
Wendy just laughs and says “Hey Billy she is just a kid.”
“No man, here how about this?” And he jumps onto her table and begins to dance like in his rebel yell video.
And the table breaks.
“There now!” He says from the ground on his back "Is that punk enough for you?"
Miley begins to cry and Billy Ray Cyrus comes out and yells at Billy Idol. Billy begins to bawl about his back and Wendy starts to step in front of Mr. Cyrus and Billy Ray starts to step past Wendy and she side steps back in front and Billy Ray goes to push her, and Holy fucking Christ it was blur Wendy had Billy Ray Cyrus’ hand back and up and twisted. And then as Billy Ray Cyrus cried out, he was air borne flying backward and he hit the dirt in a big whuffff.
Now the two Bills were on the ground crying and Miley was crying and Wendy stood on Billy Ray Cyrus chest and began to yell “Get down you dumb muther fucker.”
Miley thought Wendy was talking to her and she dropped to the ground.
Everybody was crying now and Wendy was just yelling.
Johnny Cash came out to see what the noise was about and when he saw Wendy standing on Billy Ray Cyrus he ran over to the melee.
He helped little Miley Cyrus up and then he told her to go into the house
Then he stepped over to Wendy and shoved her off Billy Ray and helped Mr. Cyrus up
Then he reached down to Billy Idol and instead of helping him he grabbed the vest by the collar and brought him up to his face as he bent down at the same time. Then he said something to Billy Idol because Billy just shook his head, then he nodded his head and a dark spot showed up on his sweat pants. Billy Idol pee’d his pants. Johnny Cash scare the piss out of Billy Idol.
Miley Cyrus's mother came running out and when she made eye contact with Wendy she stopped running and walked up the mess.
John let go of Billy with a disgusted motion and strode back to his house.
Miley Cyrus pointed at Billy Idol and whispered to her mother who turned and told Miley Cyrus to go back into the house.
She went to her husband and asked him if he was alright.
Then she looked at Billy idol and Wendy and told them "It might be best if you two do not stop for lemonade any more." then she turned to her husband and said "I want to move right now"

Like A Monkey With A Handgun

By Rev. J. Sleestaxx
Release date: By 3 December, 2007..

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