Baseball and internet groupies

Blue vs Yellow
Close tag play at second
 Partner calls him out
 The yellow coach charges the field "how can you call him out?"
 My partner looks to him "first of all coach there is a live ball on the field and you need to call time, now go back and ask for time."
 He goes back to the foul line calls time my partner grants the coach just yells at him about his call
 partner: "now coach that will be enough there is no need to act this way.
 Coach: blah blah more yelling
 partner: No coach that will be enough
 coach: i am not trying to argue with you but blah blah more yelling
 Partner: that is enough you need to stop
 Me: coach coach COACH!
 Coach (now turns on me): he can not make that call he was out of...
 Me: my partner said that will be enough you are not listening that will he enough
 coach: He can not
 Me: no that is enough
 coach: i am not arguing
 Me: no that is enough
 coach: But
 Me: No coach you are down to stopping this now or the parking lot
 coach: No listen he not in position he can not
 Me: No coach you are done that is enough you are to go to the parking lot
 Me: no coach to the parking lot
 he leaves we finish the game
 i talk to the tourney director
 he talks to the team
 he comes back and asks did you give him a warning?
 yes several
 They said you did not
 Well they are wrong
 Yeah they usually are
 The director talks to the UIC
 the UIC says that a warning must contain the word warning
 Crap shit fuck damn shit fucking damn fuckers.

 I fucked a rule and I missed another ejection on a player yellow batter runner collided with first baseman in a malicious manner but I missed it enough to not call it and then in mental replay I should have thrown the player out.
 The rule. When the pitcher steps off and wild throws it is two bases not one shit damn shit damn

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Release date: By 3 December, 2007..

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