Ejection Report

Coach pitch 7:30 game
Red vs White
Game start was 7:39
partner on plate
Top of 4th 1 out runner on second
Vistors 9
Home 3
Ball was hit hard down 3rd base line
partner calls foul coaches run the players regardless
Runner on second crosses home and partner is still calling foul.
Red coach comes running down first base line yelling and waving his arms "Who called foul?" "Who called foul?" (Coach had been hostile and challenging through out the game).
partner indicates she called foul and he yelled some more and began to get into partner’s face.
I stepped up and the coach yelled at me "How can she call foul?"
I replied “Because the ball was fielded in foul territory”
He yelled and I told him to calm down
He yelled and I told him to stop yelling at me
He yelled and I told him this was his last warning
He yelled and I told him that he was to leave the game and that he was done.
He yelled some more and then he tried to stay in the dugout and yell some more.
I told him that he was to go to the parking lot.

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