Henry Rollins Drabble

Henry Rollins rolled his 5 foot 2 frame out of bed. He put his slippers on and shuffled into the bathroom.
 He took the cap off the meticulously rolled tube of paste and squirted some on the wet bristles. He scrubbed in a circular motion on each tooth. Then he scrubbed his tongue. He gagged, but he finished. Looking in the mirror he ran his tongue over his front teeth and smiled his money smile.  Then he opened and closed his mouth making that smacking sound. He thought, “I just hate the film that the ball-gag leaves on my tongue.”

Eat the dog

The chant was so unison it was almost one voice.
 It was his first band camp.
 He wanted to make new alliances, this was to be his year, he was going to be the man, he was going to get a girlfriend AND kiss her.
 And then his parents sent him to this camp.
 Now he’s in the circle, with the whole camp chanting and watching him.
 What's this going to accomplish?
 It's a team building exercise. Now you will share in their strength and share a bond that can not be broken.
 Now it’s simple, just Eat The Dog

Crackers and porn.

 The angry gods sat at the table made from the bones and skin of humans.
 They rallied and railed on the loss of devotees. What can we do? They just sit there looking at "internet porn".
 The succubus quietly brought in cheeses from all regions.
 Bloggers! Harrumphed another one.
 Yahweh stood and raised a hand. "I believe it's time for a complete reinstall."
 “Of course you would” said Zeus “you always like that. But seriously who here has the time for such a project.”
 “I do. said Satan.
 Then let Satan do it and let us see what he gets.

You gonna let’em call you that?

“That’ll be seven sixty seven buddy.” Said the clerk.
The guy behind me said. "Buddy? Last I heard a buddy was a bump on a dog's ass. Don’t let him call you that?"
He was right. No Mother Fucken human should be allowed to call anybody "buddy" that’s just too disrespectful to let slide. So I took my Slurpee and beef jerky out to my car and got my gun. I went back in and shot the bastard in the knee.
 I told him, while he was crying like a little girl, that he better think about calling people names.