In My Neighborhood #12 By Rev. J. Sleestaxx

In My Neighborhood #12
By Rev. J. Sleestaxx

You know I was going to move David Bowie into my neighborhood and then as I was writing notes I remembered his faggotity (not that there is anything wrong with that) song about being scared of Americans and well the whole thing turned into “I hate liberal foreigners and the stupid songs they sing” rant and I lost all fucking focus.
So with little todo and no fanfare what so ever here is the notes for david bowie. (i reserve the number and the option to try again some other time)
David bowie
Gay not gay?
Major tom?? What the hell is that all about? Drugs??
One green eye and one blue eye with a dead pupil.
Scared of Americans
Fuck that and fuck you bitch scared of Americans, but you fucking move in and drag down our neighborhood with your gay ass whinny liberal views
You and the rest of the famous people have no idea about shit and you all want to talk shit about shit you do not understand or even comprehend.
Fucking assholes and the likes of you are not needed as neighbors. You all think that the world is about worshiping of your awesomeness.
“Oh love me, define me, I want water, bring me a water, where's my doggie, oh I want my precious little stupid Chihuahua. I want to be photographed caring a pink dog in a pink purse that costs more then the annual income of my gardener”. Yeah? Yeah fuck that!
I have had enough of the famous people with their fucking soapbox statements about shit that they can not comprehend. Fuck you David Bowie and fuck you and your fucking faggot (not that there is anything wrong with that) country. Your lets us worship a dried up old bag of a women who probably had no clue who she is anymore but let us worship that some more.
We Americans kicked your gay (not that there is anything wrong with that) British ass and we bailed your fucking liberal thinking butt fucking asses out of a war with a country that is one 30th the size of Texas.
Think about that. You populated a land mass with the prisoners and religious refugees of a culture that was doomed from the start. and in a short period of time we beat your ass back across the pond, improved your living style with our innovations and then we help you out in a fight that really never should have happened in the first place if you all had not acted the liberal pussy to begin with.
They can not figure out if they are gay of not gay. They can not stay married for more than a year or two. They can not even support their own team.
They make all that money and they dump it into lavish stupid things like multimillion dollar videos that last for 5 minutes and probably get a play time of 30 for the course of the release.
Hell MTV does not even play videos anymore.
They go around and buy love because they do not know how to love.
they wander around" love me" define me" I want water bring me water" where is coco my stupid dog" I want all green m-n-ms." "Do I look fat?" am I still awesome?"
They have 500 million leaches sucking their egos and stroking their personalities and devouring their cash.
The want the worship they want the admiration they want to be loved but they can not love themselves and they know it.
So they all tear down everything around them and trivialize and marginalize their audiences so they can be bigger.
Fuck that and fuck David Bowie. Bitch get your damn foreign ass out of my neighborhood and take that pussy little rat dog with you.
What you are still here? Get the fuck off my lawn before I shoot your gay ass and call the cops in that order! And I slam the door

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