9A Rec baseball

Two games one by my self. i should have thought about it and left the plate shoes at the car and just worn the field shoes they are much lighter.
I had someone passing by at the end of the first game and jump on to help me out. Thanks!
9A what can i say the pitches were either right there or they were not.
At one point i had R3 and a ball four walk. batter-runner trots up to first and then breaks to second.
the defensive coach calls time. I grant. he asks "thought that was a ball four walk"
it was
then i am kind of wondering why the runner is standing on second base.
Because he stole second
oh, can he do that?
If he could not i would have sent him back.
Oh Ok then
we play and the game finishes no-one is hurt and no-one is too made.
i am again asked about the second base steal i explain it to him and that is is
second game had not a thing to note and i was sharp and my timing was awesome!

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