Music review #2

I went to the store to find Magnolia Thunderfinger CD but was not lucky enough.
The response for reviews was tremendous holy ships and hamburgers.
 So it was my intention to review the older bands that I have added but to get through the old, I have decided that Thursdays will be for Baptism beatings and music reviews. So every Thursday I will review four band tracks, 2 new and two older.

  I went out to buy a couple CDs NEW! very very rare for me. I look for used and for trade.
 I had a short list. If the list was not met then I was too buy a piece of software that I need to  complete my graphic novel.

Noise Within
 Good tight drum set
 Privilege typical metal ballad nice tempo and good riffs clearly the vocals and the drums are the back bone of this quartet
 Regardless of remarks I may have made about typical I did like this stuff and I did nod during the second listening.
 felt some of my inner rock chord struck a bit and I did like it I was disappointed that the track  Opportunity had the download feature disabled I would have put it on my (non Descript player) MP3
 Again "artist has disabled the download feature for this song"

 Looking their discography and their name appears too familiar I wonder why they hit me up but ok.
 Deathamphetamine started like three chord punk and I think back to my younger years and wondered why I was a as narrow minded as I claimed everyone was. Speed metal and punk was the same except for the hair.  Maybe it was the fuckers that liked metal trying to beat my ass all the time. Yeah that was funny they would try and I would eat them up and they would think hey maybe not all punks are pussies. And I would think fucking metal heads damn them all.
 But I digress.
 Deathamphetamine started out with some catchy bass riffs but you can tell the back bone of the group is the drummer and the rhythm guitar. They carry the rest. The vocals come in and you know why they seem to have the stamina to last 28 years. 28 fucking years guys holy shit you were the staple of the fuckers that tried to beat my ass. no wonder why the name seemed familiar I saw that name on the bloody shirts of  fans as they attacked me.
 Great to see the city has not eaten you all.
 Liked the page the music was fast and hot but I am not too much a fan of the growling metal.
 Again "artist has disabled the download feature for this song"

Agent Orange
 These guys were on my short list but I could not find a CD at the store.

 I may start a page for store and service review.

 What can I say I have loved this band for more the 28 years. My son loves this band. It is our plan to attend a show should they ever play in town.
 Dusty has always wanted my KISS belt when we ever talked. I am now in a position (older and too old to wear shit like that and not look the fool) that I would pony up should we get to meet again.
 The older stuff rocks so hard and has always struck happy thoughts and happy times when I rip it up and when I drive around town.
 The song "what's the combination" makes me wonder what the hell happened to all of my youth and my  youthful friends and then remember that most have died or should be dead from the toxins they are main  lining (yeah fuck you all! HA)
 But onto happy times
 This skate surf band is a must for any body who likes good tight strings and thought provoking lyrics they should try this guys out,
 Again "artist has disabled the download feature for this song"

 This was on my short list. Group therapy or life and that was for a just a couple songs on either
 Bitch "the one I love is the one I hate but the sex is great"
 Die MF Die "why don't you just go ... Die Muthr Fuker Die, Die Muthr Fuker Die"
 This track is the one my son and I decided was the title track to the end of a day of umpiring. We had this cranked to 8 and we yelled the chorus.
 We bitched about the coaches and the parents and the fact that no one appreciates the work we do.
 Dope I know nothing about these guys other than I think they requested an add and I looked at their page and I liked the song Bitch. Or maybe it was I liked the song Die MF Die and the video bitch.
 But that is enough history
 The band is fcking tight and polished. They are along the same vein as Rob Zombie (reviewed later) but  as Rob is more circus like in his lyrical picture painting these guys strum my hate and anger chords.  These guys get me so fucking pumped for the day of assholes ahead that I almost would call the whole package a musical drug.
 One day a kid is going to do something violent and have this group on his wall and the government will again try to ban music.
 The drums are like a machinegun and the guitars are tied so closely to the drums that the stops can be felt. The speed they play is not too fast and not too slow. I wonder how they perform like that. it is  probably a good thing that steroids is not illegal for musicians because Danzig and these guys would be  in deep shit!
 Again "artist has disabled the download feature for this song"

 Again if you are a musician and want your tracks reviewed add me and message me for review and I will get to you as soon as possible. Remember two old and two new and on Thursdays.
 If you want a whole CD reviewed get with me and we can work something out. I think my publisher may let me use his address.

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