The Next Hitler

Cwtstraydog: Have you got the papers I sent?
RevJSleestaxx: yes. why can i not post sermons?
Cwtstraydog: Yeah I saw that you posted “Gluttony”.
RevJSleestaxx: i was in a sharign mood and i was pissed they were taking so long to make an offer.
RevJSleestaxx: >sharing<
Cwtstraydog: Because the people looking to buy Razorblades says that it must contain unpublished material. They also do not like you calling coaches idiots.
RevJSleestaxx: that is too bad because i would rather starve than be censored!
Cwtstraydog: I understand and i told them that, that is why i have not torched your baseball posts.
Cwtstraydog: I am going to be the next Hitler. I am going to kill all the jews and 1 clown.
RevJSleestaxx: why the clown??
Cwtstraydog: See no one cares about the jews.
RevJSleestaxx: ROFLMAO. we both need a good ass whopping for that laugh!
Cwtstraydog: LOL

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