In my neighborhood #19

In my neighborhood #19
By Rev. J. Sleestaxx

John Lydon came over today.
He wanted to barrow a stick of butter.
I explained that I did not have butter or margarine as it was a condition of my release.
He laughed and began to pretend that he understood. I knew he was lying because I was. I work hard for my money and the staples that I spend my money on and here is a rock god a shaker of the music universe wanting to "barrow" stick of fucking butter. Fuck him and his everyone is a bunch of wankers attitude
No John I do not have any butter or margarine.
Well how about some brown sugar. John really I do not have time for your free loading today.
What me free load? Never!
most of you fucking artist types are free loaders. You take from the base for something the base could have made for themselves if they had wanted and you all act like you are kings of the planet.
no that is not the case really. I really enjoy making music and providing entertainment to so many.
What you let me have I will replace tomorrow when I see Malcolm. Malcolm is to bring me some royalties tomorrow.
You still talk to Malcolm. I thought you all were not talking and hated each others guts. You tell everyone he took everything from you all and exploited you young performers and treated you all like slaves.
Yeah we really never hated each other it was all part of the great punk rock opera. Old man creates artist, old man acts like a god, god's creations destroy god, and creations now wander aimlessly through the cosmos trying to identify themselves to something. It really is sad but it is the way of life from the beginning of time. Think back....
We are lost; we create a god, now we have a starting point, something that marks our passage through space and time. Then we start to destroy god. First his son, but see there are still too many that like god so they make god forgive us. Then we wander through time killing and destroying one another in the name of the popular religion at the time.
Then we develop science instead of magic and we cut god down to a omnipotent being that created us and wandered away. Our science gets stronger and stronger and we start to think we do not need a god after all. But the insecure still do so they throw up a war or two in the name of creation but the science is strong and that gets squashed. Now science is so prevalent that everyone can warp their heads around it.
God must be destroyed if the human race is to flourish and grow and conquer new worlds and races. So now science creates life. Once science creates life it proves that god did not do it, it just happened it was fluke. A mistake of chance and statistical opportunity; lightning struck the ocean when the right proteins were in the right proximity of each other and zap life. No god, no 6 day work week of creation.
We build gods; every organized group of humans does it because they need a starting point in which to point themselves.
So we all sat down one day at a coffee house and thought about this. The English needed to recapture the music market again so we made punk rock. We made Malcolm our god and father then we "killed" him. We started an entire industry of clothes and attitude and accessories and now we are riding the cash cow to retirement. The grand social experiment near complete.
I looked at John as serious as I could and said "Then get on your cash cow and shit yourself some brown sugar." Do not come to my house and tell me how you single handedly created punk rock to prove a social experiment in the creation of god and mankind. What a load of fucking crap. No you know what, you go next door and tell Henry that shit and barrow his fancy non-exploited good for and from the environment butter and sugar and everything else but get the fuck off my property before I eat your fucking brain and fart your fucking soul out.

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