Falcons @ Raiders to BAR @ SFO to BAR @ DEN

Airline personnel: "Sir have you been drinking?"

The Great Reverend Sleestaxx: "You just watched me walk out of the bar to here. What do you think I was doing?"

Airline personnel: "Sir I think that you may have had too much to drink"

The Great Reverend Sleestaxx: "Why do you say that?

Airline personnel: "well uh you look as though"

The Great Reverend Sleestaxx: "as though I hate to travel?"

Airline personnel: "no you ..."

The Great Reverend Sleestaxx: "listen did you just hear that great sss sound? Just let me on the plane to CYS and I will be a happy man."

Airline personnel: "but you may have had too much to drink."

The Great Reverend Sleestaxx: "Am I loud? Am I rude? Did I stumble out of the bar? How about?? Did I stagger up to the boarding counter? Do I appear to be a threat?"

Airline personnel: I can not let you on the plane if you have had too much to drink.

The Great Reverend Sleestaxx: "What are your qualifications to make that assessment? Are you a doctor? Are you a licensed officer of the law? Have you had too much school? I think you are either green or you decided that you did not like me and you want to harass me. Listen through this entire interaction I have not raised my voice and I have clearly made a logical argument with you. And the fact that you have not called security and you still have not said that I am drunk and I can not fly means you really do not believe yourself. Just let me on the plane so I can sleep and forget how miserably painful humanity is."

DEN to CYS then TAXI @ CYS to HOME. Hello BED

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