Friday is a party.

Friday is a party.

By Rev. John Sleestaxx

Friday is a party. Man you are all pumped the boys are pumped and you are all gonna play some fucking baseball.

For some of you got a buy. That means that you do not have to play Friday night. You do not have to worry if the team is distracted by the day’s lessons at school. You do not have to worry about your starters parents being late because of work. You can have a BBQ and beer in the backyard with the inner circle. You know who this is this is the core teams parents and coaches. These are the ones you started the team with these are the ones you know that when the chips are down they will be there.

For those too late for the buy this is a great time to warm up and see what the other teams are bringing to the table. You have the opportunity to get the jitters out of the boys.

Saturday is a day of many possibilities and fresh starts. Last night was not a big deal if you played well the team was tired from the day of classes and the parents stressed from the rushing to get to the field. If you got a buy then today is a day of wondrous possibilities. No team here has what you have and you are gonna show them all how great this game can be played.

Sunday is seed day. Sunday you have been seeded, you have been ranked and god and the world knows all the errors you made and runs you made. You have fought hard fro this seed and damn it things can happen your way, for once!

“Why do they have the lowest play the highest?” “Where’s the fairness of that?” “Well as long as I save my bestest boy I can win the ship.”

But you are also worried about bridges you burned to get to Sunday. The umpires you talked shit too from your magic bucket. “Man I know that was a strike I could see it from here, what the hell is he looking at?” “These are kids blue they are not major league ball players help me out.” These blind men are the same ones that will be walking on your field any minute. “Do I apologize for calling him terrible?” “Naw, they get that all the time it is part of the job.”

What parent is mad at you, what alliances are being made right now while you are trapped on that field? Are you now out of the inner circle? Is your wife listening to the chatter so you can get the scoop. Why is the dad of your ace player talking to the coach of the other team. The other team you are about to play. The team that has the highest seed. Is he romancing him? Shit you are going to have to win to keep these bastards happy.

Has the power shifted? Are you loosing the parent game while you lose the baseball game. FUCK!

How many new alliances are being created while you try to win a game.

And to make matters worse that mother fucker in gray slacks and blue shirt is just not seeing your vision like he should. Why can’t he not see that out at first, I guess that is what you call a pay back call. Shit that boy is about steal second and third and then on the over throw he will score. FUCK. Why can’t these kids play better? Why can’t they play like you when you were that age?

The sounds of despair, disappointment, depression, and down right anger drift over the fields.

You imagine some poor bastard is having a bad game like you. You wonder that maybe the best players from his team and the best from your team could really make a phenomenal team. Your wife is now standing way down the right field fence near the parking lot. THAT IS NOT GOOD! That means that you made a mistake and the parents are talking shit about you. But it is not your mistake, you did not schedule the umpires you can not get the right umpires.

The wailing and blasphemous curses are sharp and pointed. Are all the umpires blind? Shit.

This is it men, the fate of the free world rests on the shoulders of not men but boys, boys that are playing game of baseball.

The winner of this game is the king of the universe and gets to control the gas prices for the next 7 to 14 days. Now damn it blue get the call right!

Shit 6 minutes left and home is up to bat. And they are taking their time to get to the plate. Those fuckers, they are burning the clock! How bush league! Yeah I would do it too but only when I …. Aww fuck it!

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