random propaganda

These links came to me as i was doing my taxes.
My AIM popped up and told me to enlighten myself
i did not recognize the screen name so
me: who the fuck is this and what the fuck do you fucking want
them: they said to just watch
me: do i know you?
them: yes we ar efriends
me: i do not know the name and i do not click links from fucking morons
them: just click the link
me: what is it going to tell me how to increase my penis size?
me: or just drop a back door bot on my HD
them: just watch the fucking clip
me: you are not getting any fucking points talking to me like that asswipe
them: we know each other from pimpwar.com
them: and maybe fantasy football
me: i do not play fantasy football but i do play pimpwar
me: you masshole?
them: no he is a dick
me: now see you almost had me and then you dropped the dick word
them: lol

I copy and paste the link

me: This is what i have been preaching about in sermons and blogs http://cwtstraydog.blogspot.com/ and http://revjohnsleestaxx.blogspot.com/ and http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.ListAll&friendID=49655310

Them: i have 30 people watching the clip and you are the only person talking to me.
me: they are sheep and they are not watching the clip. they are lieing to you they are all lying to you.
them: you really a priest?
me: yes i am an ordained minister so i am a preacher or reverend
them: i have a question
me: i have to do my fucking taxes
them: just go to this link and cue to 8:25 in the movie and watch for 15 minutes
me: wtf??
them: just go there
I go there and the premise is that all religion is false and all religions tell the very same story, 12 dispiles born on the 25th of December and was killed and came back to life.
me: the video locked up at 10 minutes what did you want to know
them: is it true?
me: what?
them: the video part about religion
me: no they pencil whipped some data and stretched some false hoods and then they took much more out of context. if you are worried about this propaganda then you should sit down down with your clergy
them: i am roman catholic
me: you are fucked
me: they freak when you ask questions but they have become more progressive and will talk to you about these things.
them: thanks
me: np

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