Katrina losers get ANOTHER helping hand

Housing aid for Katrina victims extended until 2009


fucking bastards
2004 to 2008 4 years free living expense for some wind and rain. Hurricane lottery! What a fucking joke. These fuckers need to get a fucking job, They need to go the fuck home and be a burden on their fucking states welfare program. they need to stop whining about how they lost everything. Fuck that your shit has been replaced. you have been given more money that i made when i got married and moved to the great state. eat shit and stop fucking whining man do they make pussies in Louisiana or what? get your head in the fucking game and get your shit stowed right. get to work, keep up, build yourself a future and pay me back some of my goddamn tax money. Get that faggot mayor to pay the feds back for the dome rebuild because he used his voters for an excuse for a rebuild. he was not out to make a safe shelter he knew that dome was not meant to house refugees and he also knew you fuckers would trash the place and the storm would be a reason to have tax money to rebuild.
Fuck that and fuck you all.
Go back to eating bugs and shrimp. what a fucking waste of human skin. what drag on the forward progress of our country. fuck this is why god is going to kill us all with frogs and boils. This is why the fucking Chinese are going to own the world and we are all going to be their slaves. fuck fuck fuck
get a fucking clue you dip shits!
ahh fuck it!
it all does not matter i am the only one that is sane and sees the shit going on. everyone else is yeah ok fuck me in ass some more please. i do not even know i am getting screwed oh what a lovely day hey i am going to go to walmart and perpetuate the support of the Chinese global conquest.
Fuck it gimme that damn cup of kool-aid. maybe if i drink enough i can get high like the rest of the fucking world and not care any more.

Bla bla bla bla

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