Fuck Off Even more

Today I get an E-Mail from accounting that they can not see where I have an approved travel an since I do not have an approved travel they can not reimburse my mileage that I submitted.
Here is the story. Three months ago they moved me to a cube farm. And when I could not find the mail slots I asked my supervisor about the mail station.
He said they sent an E-Mail about this and that I should have gotten the memo.

Today we are beginning the consolidation of work spaces to capture more cost savings. We have too large a foot print and that is reflected in the bottom line. The open work space concept is an old one and acceptable practice. The open work space environment provides some challenges in the interaction with other employees but the benefits are greater. There is the enhanced team environment. Many companies use “war rooms” to facilitate productivity.
You will have better communication with your supervisor and co-workers. The “War Room” concept has been shown to increase speed of projects and facilitate cross communication with different teams.
There will be “break out” rooms for group meetings and “focus” rooms for individuals that may need privacy to conduct minimal personal business.
As part of the cost savings interoffice mail will be discontinued. please begin having your mail sent to your place of residence. The reduction interoffice mail will not only reduce our cost but help reduce the global impact the company has on the environment.
Thank you for your time and advanced co-operation now and in the future. Should you have any questions about the new work environments

This was the e-mail. the names have been changes to protect the innocent.
So I began directing my mail to my apartment. this included everything I was working regardless of the sensitivity of the documents.
I also began to keep track of my mileage to and from work. On the days that I got home and found work related mail I declared work related mileage. and I also declared the mileage back to work the next day.
My supervisor and HR have now explained that I can not expect the company to pay me for the mileage to and from work because of the mail I receive at home. I explained that the mail has to get back to work some how.
They said that because I do not come back to work the day the mail arrives that is considered the commute home.
I told them that I would then be making daily trips to the house on company time and company miles to retrieve the daily mail, and that would increase the company's carbon foot print.
I also asked if I could make a phone call so that my labor attorney could be present for this conversation. They said that personal phone calls can not be made from the break out room. I told them that I would be found in the focus room for any further conversations. They said that I could not do that either, I reminded them that the focus room was for minimal personal business and that this issue was just that.
They found me in the focus room and when I put my attorney on speaker phone. The supervisor and HR representative both shut up.
A break out room is being removed this weekend and mail slots are being installed.

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