You bunch of whining pussies

I placed the song lyrics online because I was giving tribute to the great bands of my time and because the songs fit the theme of this Blog.
You pussies can stop whining.
I know the history of this week but you all need to lighten up.
I spend too much time being considerate of everyone else but there is not one motherfucker that is concerned about me.
If they were then 50% of my opportunities would not be taken away. I would be afforded the same opportunities as everyone else regardless of my gender or race.
So fuck off if the lyrics are offensive today.
Maybe today time has to change and we need to stop pretending to care about everybody else and face reality that the ones that have the power to make a change choose not to while the rest of us struggle to make a change against a tide that is just too fucking big.
You do not like what I have to say then go the fuck away. If you do agree then say so and let everyone else know how you feel because I am sure that we out number the pussies.

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