2008 is expected to be very interesting.

On January 1st I woke up with the dogs missing the taste of dog in my mouth.
There is a big black burn mark in my front yard. Something was definitely burned there. I can not even begin to imagine.
My neighbors will not look at me in the eye and some appear to be scared when I am outside.
Part of me says this is normal and that I should not worry.
But I do worry. Where are my dogs? why do I see strange images when I close my eyes.
Today a little boy was walking to the bus stop and when he got to my property line he sprinted past my house like Satan himself was chasing him.
When the paperboy knocked on the door I went to answer. He turned pale when I opened the door. Then he started to leave and tripped and fell. I know he broke his ankle because I heard the crack.
If there was anyone there that can help fill in the gaps please let me in on the events.
I mean if there is something I did wrong I should know right?
If I offended my neighbors I should apologize right?
If I dressed in drag and roasted my dogs.... again... I need to replace them and start taking my medications and get another appointment ASAP.

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Qelqoth said...

Public Service Announcement - Kids, this is what happens when you sniff glue, drink turps laced with cocaine and feed yourself beer through a syringe. Cool, ain't it?

Rev. J. Sleestaxx said...

What happened to my dogs