Humasn are evil

I umpire youth baseball. If you have ever doubted the human race, do that (umpire) for a few games. Every time I think the human race is a decent species I end up with a team that reminds me that we as a species are inherently evil and there can be no doubt about the fact that we killed the missing link and ate their remains. We would eat the children of our neighbors if we thought no one was looking.

Trust me, your co-worker is right now plotting your death, and the guy in the car next to you on the way home tonight is imagining what it would be like to bath in your blood and rape your entire family line.

Fuck them all.

Human race is not civilized at all. We are able to use verbal indicators to convince ourselves that we care about everyone else.

We do not care about anyone else; we only want to find a way to take what does not belong to us. "Fuck everyone else man, it is all about what I can do for myself."
here let me piss in your mouth and tell you its

You all who think that if you do the right thing and stay the straight and narrow, toe the company line that you will be rewarded. Did you not hear about the Enron fuckers. Jesus they raped the entire market, they raped the entire work force, and they get way. They fake their death and live in Brazil. fuck fuck fuck fuck you fucking spit in your mouth and stick you in the ribs with a plastic butter Knife. ahhhhhhhhhhhhrhrrrrrrrrgggggggg
DAMN IT AND DAMN YOU ALL FUCK YOU FUCK YOU ALL hahahahahahahah YOU are all fucking yourselves and you all do not care.

One day a terrible rain will come and wash all the trash, dirt, and shit from the streets. Then the world will be made clean and righteous, just as God intended. The meek will not be there though as they will have been eaten and shat out as so much refuse and waste.

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