Moron Coaches

Game 7
No real close plays but may be one or two.
My partner was spot on an all of his calls. He was taking his time to make the call. In fact he was making a point to be slow to ensure the calls were right.
After the game the first base coach came up to us on the way out and said to my partner.
You know I have also umpired and I know how hard it is to do the job right. By you really were not in position to make many of the calls. You should......"
"Coach" I say "if you were an umpire in the past then you know how foolish you are sounding to us right now at this moment."
And we exit the field
One statement made under his breath
"That was very rude."
I turned and said "No COACH that was not rude that was some free advice from one umpire to another." and I smiled very friendly/crazy and we turned.

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