Got screwed by a brother.

I can not say much about this softball tournament other than I learned a great deal about the culture of the softball umpires. There is a lot of elitist attitude. The parents and coaches are allowed to be more abusive (that will change next season).
A slap bunter has different knees because they are moving.
The girls are more likely to ask you what was wrong with a pitch.
and some partners will sell you out and leave you to hang just for fun.
I had a call on a steal to third. The ball got there in time but I was straight lined with the runner between me and the tag. the motions all indicated a tag before the base but... after the call I felt the position of the players led to a possible missed tag. In order to get the right call I called time and conferred with my partner.
"Did you see the play?
If you are asking me because it is your call she was safe?
Did you see a tag as the tag occurred on u=your side of the runner?
I felt she got to the bag before the tag
no did you see contact on the tag?
I felt she was safe
alright then.
I changed my call
I think back now and I think there was something that was missing.
he never answered my question.
there was some diversity ratios that that may have played into the situation that I thought were not weighing in but now I feel I was screwed.
the coach bitched fro the rest of the game and questioned very call for the next three games I had with those teams.
I will never ever ever change a call now unless I made the wrong mechanical call by accident.
This is crap and I feel he fucked me more than any parent or coach. I will never trust his shit ever again.

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