Total disrespect or the customer

I currently attend [A school that will remain Nameless until I graduate. Because these bastards are the kind of fuckers you might suspect]. Now this school is good but the administration is poor
My financial aid counselor is rude disrespectful and thinks I am an idiot.
I started attending and applied for financial aid. I was not getting funded,
I called him numerous times about this and he stated he no idea why. He also stated that
Very rarely doe sit take this long to get funded.
I called and called and was told that this was not normal but just to be patient.
I finally called and spoke to someone in corporate and they found that my degree plan was stuck
And they unstuck. Fairly easy thing for someone who knows their system to track down but he failed to do so
Now I wanted and needed the funds for the student loan. And he said that there was nothing he could do to speed the process
I called corporate and they said yes there is he (the financial aid counselor) just needed to fill out a
Heat ticket. I called Darrel back and said that there has to be something that he can do. He said no it was outta
His hands. Then I said that corporate said for him to fill out a heat ticket he began to back track about this and said this would not help anything. I told him that corporate was aware of my particular situation and they were waiting for the heat ticket. He reluctantly filled out the heat ticket.
I finished a class and filled out their stupid survey. I bitched about Darrel’s treatment of my case and asked corporate to contact me.
Guess who does??
Right Darrel on a speaker phone. On a speaker phone. I asked who was in the room with him and that this was not polite to put someone on a speaker phone in a room of people without announcing who was in the room.
He stated no-one was in the room.
Every so often while he tried to justify his poor customer service he would put me on hold.
Finally he said to hold on and then said that we should talk with his super and that he would call me back once he got the conference call with her set up. 2 sacs later I get the call and we go around again with his bitch of a fuck head cunt supervisor
And she proceeds to talk to me like I am beneath her and that I have no right to question Darrel. You would think that Darrel was one of her off spring (as demonic as any that she would produce)
finally I relent and tell them that they have won I was done discussing this with them as they would not even try to see it my way and that I would be a good boy and not say anything wrong in the surveys any more.
They then said that was not their intention bla bla bla yackity smackity.

Then about a year into the program I get an e-mail from some lady (Patricia) that wants me to fill out some form with personal information and fax it to her. I e-mailed back and asked was she?
She stated that she was my financial aid counselor. I told her that Darrel was and that Darrel already had all this information.
She said that she was handed the account and needed the information
I said that this is funny because this is the information Darrel already has and she should get it from Darrel.
Next thing I get is a call from an academic counselor who says that my finance counselor is trying to cancel my schedule and did I know why.
I told her the issue and we had a conference call. And when I tell the same thing to Patricia with a witness she all of a sudden says that is right she can get the information from Darrel and my academic counselor throws in that this is information that should be ion the system anyways.
Again poor management on Darrel’s part as he should have entered this information, he should have done a proper hand off.
Darrel calls me on my cell. He says that he has tried to page me. I tell him that the pager is broke and I do not think I am going to get it replaced. He says he needs money for past due classes. I tell him that I am really busy and that I will call him on Monday.
I call on Tuesday and he does not return my call. I call on Wednesday and he again does not return my call. I call on Thursday and again he does not return my call. I drive 30 plus miles to class on Thursday. I go to look at my schedule online and there is no class schedule. I go to the front desk and the person that assists me takes me up stairs and we find that Darrel had deleted my schedule.
I talk to some rube (you know the type, uneducated but pretends to be, by mispronouncing big words. if you look at their shoes and pants you can tell that they are not that educated nor are they that smart) about this and he says that Darrel had a death in the family and that he could help me. (Darrel had a death in the family last Memorial Day weekend also). I explain that I tried to take of this and Darrel did not return a call.
I make a deal with them and I take of the bill and I get my classes back.
Later I talk to Darrel and said that he deleted my schedule when I told him that I could not talk. He said shit like "you are an adult and you know the rules." I said that he "never mentioned deleting my schedule." and he again stated that I am an 'adult and I know the rules.'
We go round and round about the disrespect and the treatment on my account. And again I am an adult and my bill was due and he was within his right.
I said that he should have called me before it to this and he said that he paged me numerous times. I told him that the pager did not work, that he had my cell, my work number my personal e-mail as well as my work e-mail and that he never tried to reach me and that this was a personal thing. He said he tried my work number and left messages on my voice mail. (I never received a single) I called IT and asked if there was an outage in the past three weeks that would have lost any messages and they stated rather proudly that they had not a single outage or lost voice mail in the last three years.
Darrel you are a fucking loser piece of shit. You will never attain anything better that a bill collector status and while you work your wife is having affairs with the teachers of your kids.
Fuck off you piece of shit.

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