Aliens adn rights

The whinny bleeding heart piece of shit judge says that an Alien is allowed the same right and privileges as an American citizen. That is not right! They are not of this country they do not get the rights that were secured for the people of this country. They are visitors and they should not be allowed the same as the citizens.
Do you let your visitors in your home go through your mail?
Do you discuss your personal life with the vacuum sales man at your door?
Would you think that your family was rude if they came over and began scrolling through you caller ID?
Hell no to all of the questions and the point is made. Visitors are allowed to come in and stay for a bit but they are just that, visitors. If they are thought to be criminals then they are allowed the same legal rights as they would have they been home. So if they look to be here to kill people then run them through the same kangaroo court system they have at home and then shoot them in the head! Their and then send the bill of the bullet to the government of the piece of shit country that allowed the fucker to leave and be done with the whole problem.
You see that is the problem they (the terrorists) know that we are pussified that there are too many wimps that want to scream unfair.
The rules are to keep the ones following the rules out of the competition. The ones winning the game are ones that ignore the rules. Kill the fucker send the fucker back to his lousy spit of land and be done with the whole problem!
Man this planet needs an enema!

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