A boy with Down syndrome is at the park with his father. They walk by a baseball field and the boy stops to watch the other boys play a close game of baseball. The boy is speaking to his father about how he would like to play and his father is explaining that the game had already started and that the game was too close to have him join in. The boys playing over hear dad and ask the boy to join in the game.
The score is still very close and the boy is on the "on deck circle". The boy sees the cleats on the boy that just struck out, making the outs two with a tie score.
The boy begins to scream that he wants the spiky shoes too. Left field offers to let the boy borrow his and he'll play bare foot for the last out.
The pitcher lobs the ball across the plate for the boy to hit. The boy drills one into the pitchers ball side wrist shattering every bone and piece of cartilage. Short stop fields the ball cleanly and takes his time to throw the ball to first. As he does the throw goes errant, a little over the first baseman's head. First base then stretches and leans back to reach for the ball and as the first baseman misses the ball the boy stomps on first baseman's right ankle snapping it at the joint.
Right field, who has always thought he should be allowed to play third, notices at that instant that there is a fuzzy caterpillar in the grass at his feet, and holy cow look 7 lady bugs all in one place. How weird is that?
The boy rounds towards second as the catcher picks up the overthrown ball and throws towards second who is still looking at the first baseman's right angle ankle. The ball hits the second baseman in the temple and he drops like a sack of laundry.
The runner now touches second and begins to head to third as the short stop retrieves the ball and throws to third who is preparing for a tag. Third moves into the tag position and receives the ball and starts to throw the tag as the boy drops into a slide. The boy raises a foot and slams it into the third baseman’s groin rupturing his left testicle causing him to drop the ball.
The boy pops up and begins toward home as short again retrieves the ball and throws to home.
The catcher closes the gate as the ball and boy converge at the plate. The boys drops into a text book figure four slide and collides with the catcher's shins, hyper extending both of the catchers knees, tearing the meniscus and ACL of both of his young joints. The catcher falls back like a 300 foot redwood.
The boy touches home, gets up, kicks clay into the crying eyes of the catcher and yells to the field, "You have just been schooled by a retard."
The first baseman who is now permanently crippled sues the city and wins.
The father of the second baseman begins to drink heavily and one night drives his car into a house. The family that lived in the house wins a multi-million dollar lawsuit over the death of a cat, two gold fish, and a hamster. The depressed and despondent mother testifies as a vice president of a large tobacco company, that the tobacco industry has known forever about the cancer and addiction and still produced dangerous products to the public with malice. The attorneys receive 100 billion dollars and the rest of everyone who felt they were injured by cigarettes and tobacco received coupons for free tobacco products and plenty of public service announcements every 13 minutes.
The family of the third baseman started a foundation for the children of one nutted third basemen. The boy was made president and now receives 500,000 dollar yearly salary.
The catcher is a mechanic in service station in a small town in Arizona
The short stop lives in the Dallas-Fort worth area and can be regularly seen on johntv.com with prostitutes.

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