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I have no idea why this song rocks as hard as it fucking does but this song makes me fucking hot! I have reason to get up and beat the shit out of every mother-fucker that told me I could not do something because I was a kid, or because i have not had the education, or because it was not "fair", I will tell you about fair mother-fucker! fuck fair, fair is what the loser wants when the loser is losing. Fair is what everybody who does not want to put in the time but wants the same afford as the person that puts in the time. Fuck you and fuck fair. Fair is a four letter "Fword".

Agent Orange - Bloodstains!


This song was very true of the police in the late 70's and all of the 80's. In SF and Sacramento. I chose the Agent Orange because i like the sound and the band abosolutly fucking rocks my socks off!

Agent Orange - Police Truck


Kill the poor? Need I say more? I may not hve the same perspective as Mr. Biafra but yeah lets kill the poor!

Kill The Poor


Henry Rollins has this demeaner of anger and hate.
And my interpretation of the song is, I am tired of the crap, I am tired of the victims whining poor fucking me. fuck! get up off your ass
and fix the fucking problem. While you are lying on the side of the track crying poor me everyone else is getting ahead, they are getting
whats theirs, THEY ARE GETTING AHEAD. FUCK! Get your ass up get yours! and while I am on this subject, Stop giving the Katrina bitches
anymore help! they have gotten enough fucking help

Black Flag - Rise Above


I feel this way everyday while in traffic and outta traffic

Neverous Break Down to Falling Down


I would expect Rollins to be above this, but as a older softer version of himself many of us may want to go for the lower hanging fruit.
Maybe you should run for fucking president! I would vote for you! I would like to see your liberal ass talking to Palastine about the
fucking boundaries and 'hey you know that ain't fair you should stop it.' LOL. Rollins you looked more of a pussy then I thought I would
ever think I would see.

Rollins on bush


The crowd is the only redeeming value of this footage. can you feel the energy that was in there? I mean there was so much frustration and


Circle Jerks - Nervous Breakdown bad sound but great energy


I thought while I was adding songs and clips this could be added also.

Black Flag - Depression in Germany

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