Jena 6 and reverse standards BS

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Truly not the best way to market the message.
I want to know why these young thugs get to beat someone to death because of skin color
and not be charge with a hate crime.
why would Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton even think of attaching their names to this fiasco.
Jesse I have another message for you. SHUT THE HELL UP! You sound stupid you sound uneducated you sound ignoratnt.
Where is Quanell X and Louis Farrakhan?
They know the smell of stupidity and stayed away like smart media whores.
They, the jena 6, are just as capable of displaying racist hate as anybody else.
I want to know why they are are allowed to display and kill in the name of race with out a hate crime attached.
I can not go to a high school football game without hearing "get that cracker! get that cracker" from the African
American teenage boys and then hear "yeah i can say that because i am black."
You know what, if i was to turn and say that that offends me they would turn and say that i was racist because i would not let a black person
have their right to free speech BUT!!! if i was to yell "get the nigga! get the nigga!" i would be in trouble for being racist.
You can not have it both ways. you can not complain about the crime and then commit the same crime. FUCK THEM!
The people screaming for the freedom of these 6 pieces of human waste need to think about what piece of shit they are getting behind.
These 6 are not what i want for future leaders. Neither should them.
They are not what i want in my community. neither shoudl them.
and these free choices of mine are not based on color but based on acts perpetrated under free will.
they chose to be animals. they chose to be fucking racist pigs and fuckers of dogs and cats.
they chose to be fucking morons who should be jailed and castrated like the fucking dumb shits they are.
they look like thugs they look like racists they smell of racial hate. they do nothing but bring down the community in which they live.
they are shit. they are a waste of human skin and oxygen. fucking lock them up and let them suck dick!
But do not try to make them into some kind of fucking hero.
If the white boys had done this they would be crucified as racial haters and there would be no march.
There would be no community leaders posing for photos.
Jesse Jackson do you know there are 12 yearold boys forced to commit sex acts for money every day? Of course you do!
Jesse Jackson why don't you do some good and help the 12 year old boys who are forced into sex slavery right here in America?
Al Sharpton are you aware of the little kids forced to be photographed and demeaned into sick twisted fantasies of grown men? Of Course you do.
Al Sharpton why don't you do some good and stop the child abuse that happens to both races?
Why indeed? Because there would be no media to photograph you. There would be no television news crew to hang on your every stupid ignorant word.
Go the fuck home count your fucking money and fuck off.
fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you

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