I am so filled with hate that....

I am so filled with Hate, Anger, confusion and misery that i can not tie my shoes.
If i was to bend over now the world would be set aflame from the burning desire that is in me to just fucking lash out at all the rest of the fucking humans on this god's foreskin piece of dirt that is floating in goddamn nothingness.
Does any mother f(*&*ker even realize this?
We are on a rock in nothing revoling and falling into a huge fucking ball of fire but we think that we matter and we deserve to fu(k and screw everybody over at the first goddamn chance we get.
What the hell is wrong with all of you all??? why???? what is the point???
aw fukett i 'm in wake me up when it is my turn then you all will see how the game is played.
Go Team Anger!
I have to tie my shoe.

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