The Market Trip

One day I thought I would like some tapioca pudding.
So I set out to the store, on the way I passed the milk man battling a rogue band of Ninja kittens.
HELP HELP he cried and I stopped to assist in his salvation.
He bid a thank you and a curt nod.
Then I passed the robot mechanic shop,
Inside was such a ruckus I had to look to see what was up. Inside a late model maid Robot had some how opened an event that was hurling everything into the dreams of my Enemies. Ah this is an opportunity that I can not pass up. I must peek to see what dreams my enemies have.
Maybe I can use the information against them to sway their vote next election.
So leaned in real far, careful to not fall into the event and hang onto the door way for support.
Inside was a magnificent array of nudity and animals and color and lo there was the Childhood fear of my arch nemesis. He is afraid of sock puppets. LOL ROFLMAO.
Now I was laughing so hard that I began to wake my enemies. I tried to pull back but the weight of the well was beginning to pull at my trousers and my shirt sleeves.
I was going into the dreams of my enemies.
Just as my fingers let go I was grabbed by my assistant Nicknack.
“Oh thank you Nicknack for saving me from that horrible fate.”
Nicknack who does not talk ever, just nodded and turned on his heel to go back to the office
Now where was I going??
Oh yeah to the store for tapioca.

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