Baseball for the weekend

2 games Saturday nothing to really mention.
A pick off to second low and in front of the bag short drops to catch the ball and the base runner is tagged out. Coach wants an obstruction. No coach he is allowed to catch the ball he has to catch the ball.
Sunday three games
First (plate) was not too much, some Wow’s, and some he is calling high, and why not the outside corner blue?
Then the field white vs. blue
Banger on first safe and white coach comes unglued yelling and screaming onto the field
Whoa coach no one gave you time!
Your partner did.
I did not and you want to talk to me.
Can I have time then?
No it was my call and I will not discuss my call with you.
Just talk to me
No and that will be enough
Just admit you blew the call
I did not and we are not going there today and that is your warning
You blew the call
No coach that will be enough and that is the last warning.
The he begins to talk to a fenced parent. I am deaf and I can not hear but I know that it is not a compliment on how good my shoes look today. And they did look good. Armor all extra shine is the shit!
Later in the game high throw to first blue is out by 3 steps but because the throw was high 1st baseman had to stand tall to reach the throw which put him in the middle of the bag
Third base coach goes fucking crazy jumping up a down and screaming that the baseman has to provide an avenue to the bag.
No coach he has to catch the ball.
No coach we do not have time to discuss the call and I will not grant you time
More yelling about avenue.
Coach that will be enough
You are gonna make a weak call like that
Coach THAT will be enough
You are weak!
You are gone
You suck oh my god! This is about the kids (still jumping up and down)
You suck you suck you suck! Oh my god
He leaves to the dugout I turn and go back to the game we play later I see he is in the dugout and not gone.
Eh what the hell he is quiet and that is what I wanted.
My partner asks later didn't you toss him eh I put him in the dugout and he is quiet.
You should have enforced it
White coach comes up and asks about the coach I tell the site coach it is not his concern.
He walks away.
Game finishes white wins blue cries and I leave.
As my partner and I leave some parents say good game young man but not you old man.
I am deaf so I miss it.
Oh well.
In the locker room we mention the ejection in front of the UIC.
We have a 1.5 hour wait for the next game.
I am in the commons area on the phone waiting and a blue player is on the way to the rest room and sees me and starts to cry some more.
Just before we head out UIC comes in and says "what the hell happened on your game!"
I tell him I ejected a coach but let him stay in the dug out.
He asks the story
I tell him the story
So you threw out S.R.
Eh yeah I guess who is S.R.
Pitcher for the (A MLB Team)
Sorry still do not know him
Pitcher for the (A MLB Team) for 10 years.
Another umpire in the room "man he usually is very quiet"
No he was out of control jumping up and down and I sucked.
UIC says nothing more we leave
On the way out Tournament director asks "which one of you ejected S.R."
I pony up
Man what happened
I say he lost control and made it personal.
Half way to the field another umpire asks who threw out S.R.
I look at my partner man am I in trouble?
No do not worry about it.
Championship game. (White vs. Red)
What happened to the zone?
Did the blue loose the zone?
Call it for him too then!
First 4 innings score less and completed in 1 hour less than 8 pitches total per inning.
Then a walk that scored and then in the sixth 6 more runs and the game ends white over red

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