Court testimony and the law of god. By Rev. J. Sleestaxx

You are being sued for the injuries that sustain form encounter with the plaintiff
The plaintiff alleges that you assaulted him without provocation and that this assault caused injuries and the arrest of the plaintiff.
The plaintiff further states that the injuries prevented him form gainful employment and the ability to generate an income.
The plaintiff seeks fifty thousand dollars for medical bills and the loss of income, the plaintiff also asks the court to award another fifty thousand dollars for pain and suffering form the attack and humiliation of the arrest.

Mr Sleestaxx would you wish to make a statement?

Your honor, the plaintiff was caught in the act of breaking to my vehicle. At The moment that I approached the plaintiff he was inside my vehicle.
To say our encounter was without provocation is a prevarication.

Second Peter 2:3
And in their greed they will exploit you with deceptive words. Their condemnation pronounced long ago is not sitting idly by; their destruction is not asleep.

My personal possessions were found on his person. He stood and attacked me with a weapon and injured me. I have a knife wound on my arm form the encounter
Judge Shipley: Is the wound still visible?
Yes it is.
Judge Shipley: Will you please approach the bench so that the wound can be witnessed.
Yes you honor
Judge Shipley: Yes that is a serious wound.
Judge Shipley: Are sure that the plaintiff is responsible for the wound?
Yes the knife was recovered by the officers.

Your honor the bible states

PSA 74:3 Hurry and look at the permanent ruins,
and all the damage the enemy has done to the temple!

And Psalms 74:6 reads And now they are tearing down all its engravings with axes and crowbars.

I saw him pop the lock and damage my vehicle

Rev 9:21
Furthermore, they did not repent of their murders, of their magic spells, of their sexual immorality, or of their stealing.

He was riffling through my personal items. I tried to stop him and he became violent and tried to attack me. I just wanted him to stay there for the police to arrest for the damage and attempted theft of my property.

Psa 37:30
The godly speak wise words and promote justice.

Psa 37:28
For the Lord promotes justice, and never abandons his faithful followers. They are permanently secure, but the children of evil men are wiped out.

Jer 37:14
Jeremiah answered, “That’s a lie! I am not deserting to the Babylonians.” But Irijah would not listen to him. Irijah put Jeremiah under arrest and took him to the officials.

I witnessed him breaking into my car and entering it I approached him and attempted to subdue him for the police but he resisted and tried to get away. In the midsts of trying to get away he stabbed me in the arm. During my defense I had to use more force to protect my life and to subdue him for the police. I never tried to exert more than I felt I had to.

Mr. Sleestaxx due to the fact that the plaintiff states in the suit that he was arrested and pled guilty to the vehicle burglary and the past history of this gentleman I am going to dismiss this case and suggest that you bring a case against him for the damage to your vehicle and the injuries that you sustained.

No your honor the bible also states;

Psa 7:17
I will thank the Lord for his justice; I will sing praises to the sovereign Lord!

and in

Psa 36:6
Your justice is like the highest mountains, your fairness like the deepest sea; you preserve mankind and the animal kingdom.

The bible also speaks of the poor and needy

Pro 22:22
Do not exploit a poor person because he is poor and do not crush the needy in court,

I am sure that he was performing the crime because he was needy.

Jer 22:3
The Lord says, “Do what is just and right. Deliver those who have been robbed form those who oppress them. Do not exploit or mistreat foreigners who live in your land, children who have no fathers, or widows. Do not kill innocent people in this land.

Deu 25:2
Then, if the guilty person is sentenced to a beating, the judge shall force him to lie down and be beaten in his presence with the number of blows his wicked behavior deserves.

I will ask you your honor that instead of another law suit tie up your valuable time that maybe during his incarceration he be brought to my church on Thursday for counseling and baptisms. Now although we call them baptisms they are more like physical counseling and behavior therapy. We believe that sometimes behavior therapy is needed and that many counseling hours are needed to bring the unbelievers around to the path of righteousness. Even if he chooses to not follow gods plan for him and decide not to believe in god I believe the therapy will be good for him.

Psa 28:5
For they do not understand the Lord’s actions, or the way he carries out justice. The Lord will permanently demolish them.

Psa 33:5
The Lord promotes equity and justice; the Lord’s faithfulness extends throughout the earth.

That all of god’s children are in need of second chances. I believe that we may be able to reach this young man and bring him around to see the error of his ways and to be a model citizen. We can call some of the time community service as I can use the extra help around the church.
That sounds like a good idea. And if this is successful maybe you can start a new rehabilitation program for my district.
Oh your honor flatters me. I do not know if I can help this one lost soul let alone have the time to attend to the entire jail and to my congregation. Let us just see how this time with this individual works out.
So on Thursdays we will have an exhibition baptism for 10 mines every hour. Between sessions the nice young gentleman will be assisting in the construction of the youth center.
If you have not been by in a while you might want to come by for this. You do not need to commit a sin to come down. You can just come down for a round or two for fun and just some extra education.

Psa 40:10
I have not failed to tell about your justice; I spoke about your reliability and deliverance; I have not neglected to tell the great assembly about your loyal love and faithfulness.

Psa 9:16
The Lord revealed himself; he accomplished justice; the wicked were ensnared by their own actions.

Psa 40:9
I have told the great assembly about your justice. Look! I spare no words! O Lord, you know this is true.

Now at some point the judge may decide that the work done here is too extreme and decide to remove the youth form the program. Until then i encourage everybody to come one down and witness me saving this little turds souls every Thursday form 6:00am to 6:00pm as well as those in our midst that need and want the savings too.

Psa 35:24
Vindicate me by your justice, O Lord my God! Do not let them gloat over me!

Psa 35:28
Then I will tell others about your justice, and praise you all day long.

Coffee, soft drinks and cookies are in the foyer. While you are all gathering and socializing I am going to get into the parking lot and witness to the first person to honk his horn.
I have repeatedly told you all that the members in the parking lot are your family members but you all seem to forget.
So honk and you will receive a special Sunday dose on my salvation.
The teen minister has announced that he is engaged and will be taking a position at a church closer to his fiancĂ©e’s family. I will miss him as he is the first to get a knock down. many of you all remember that epic battle when the church first moved into a building instead of a tent.
Go in peace and feel free to honk today.

Psa 45:4
Appear in your majesty and be victorious! Ride forth for the sake of what is right, on behalf of justice! Then your right hand will accomplish mighty acts!

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