On My Way To Court

Riding the bus today to go to court. no I was not in trouble I was going there to be a translator for a sailor. I speak sailor fluently.
Anyway on the bus in the back seat going bumpity bump bump bumpity bump.. When the bus stopped and let on the girls from Hell Sindusties.
With their metal g strings and grinders the looked normal, but they were just shaven. and I have a thing for the bald women!!
Man this was hot, bald and sparks flying from their vaginas and everything!
They finished their set and sat down next to me. Our eyes met, the heat grew within my trousers. They began to get undressed and I began to strip also.
Killing Ira pulled out the bottle of Wesson oil and we began to rub the high in fat low in cholesterol vegetable oil over our bodies and we began to writhe and squirm on the floor of the bus. I broke out the mayonnaise and we began to suck the white manna from the armpits of each other.
Jello Biafra and Greg Ginn began to jump up and down on their seats whopping and hollering like monkeys in the zoo when a docent is on her period.
Lou Reed tossed the boot laces stolen from the combat boots of Mr. Fuck You!'s mom. We tied our toes and fingers together as the bus driver began to roll giant grapefruits at us.
We writhed and squirmed there on the floor as the rest of the hookers, pimps, thugs, and fish mongers began to holler, "the wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round, the wheels on the buss round and round aaaaallll over town."

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