[Flame War Quitter]

I received a new friend request from some fucktard . I accept and I leave a comment to thank him for the add and that he should stop by the Blog and I would see him on Thursday and he sends flame about how he is a Satanist and blab bla bal yackity smackity. and he does not have to do anything. I ask if he understands the reference to Thursday and that is why I said about reading the Blog. he says no enlighten him.
I write about the sermons and the baptisms that I call for on Thursdays and he write more hate about how I am stupid because he is a Satanist and that there is no god, Satan heaven or hell and I was a twit and ewwww I was a Tales Of Terror fan
ok I get the 'tude and I play along and I explain that I understand how Texas did not know what to do with TOT when they toured but I was not going to hold it against him. and I told him he was not a Satanist but an atheist
he flames back that TOT hung around Houston for too long because their home town did not miss them.
and that my definitions were lame.
then he sends a pilot light that he was this wondrous rock god from Texas and bla bla bla yackity smakity.
I write back that there were no good bands that ever came from Texas and that Texas was a cultural waste land and that he was a waste of human skin. that my son had a better vocabulary and that Texas fought for the land and now they are giving it back and dragging down the rest of the country while they bleed illegal’s ( remember he started this game)
Well he realized that he was out matched.
he shot back three lines about how special he was and how he was some piece of shit that really did not matter to me and did not mean anything to me and then he deleted me so I could not participate any more, what a pussy!
Your chin smells of balls and your breath of semen. You do not know anything other than how I would have destroyed you in your little bad attitude game! you are nothing but a fucking rookie in the attitude department.
I have fucked with the best. I have guilted Johnathin Christ into giving me 10 dollars and 3 spots on the guest list by just reciting 2 lines from one of his songs.
I have made cops weep at traffic stops.
I make entire bleachers of 40+ grown people wail to their lousy gods.
I have the power to make you cry to the god you do not believe in. When I am done with baptism you will see god!
You will circumcise yourself and touch your foreskin to the feet of Moses himself.
You sir are nothing in my world other than a quitter.
You quit the game before the game even got started as you saw the might that was before you.
Fuck you indeed!
Cry me a river you two bit musical hack in a cultural waste land of illegal’s and Selina music knockoffs.
I hope that both of your daddies die of herpes.

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