Why Lord, Oh Why?

Every once in while I wake up forget where I am think "Oh what a beautiful day.
Gee today is the first day of the rest of my life. I am going to make something of it!
“Yeah! Wahoo. Good morning Mr. blue bird! What a great day!
And then I am sent a video that I actually watch and I think yep I am back on planet earth alright.
Because there can be no other place in the god forsaken universe that this shit can happen


This tough guy better be sucking dick in prison.
I want to go to prison just to beat on this fuckers head.
I want to put this fucker in my garage and beat him daily.
Pull his fucking teeth out one at a time.
Pull his nails out after I put paper cuts on his finger webs.
This mother fuck should be fed to dogs.
What to do with Vick's dogs?? Use them as teaching instruments.
If this fucker can live for 7 days with these dogs retrained to eat him then,
Yeah he can have his 37 years sucking dick in prison.
How can I implore upon anybody the hate I feel right now? There is no know measurement known to the human race
I am so full of hate I think I may have a stroke. I am a crucible of hate and anger.
This piece of shit stink has no right to be allowed on the same planetary surface as me.
I would suspend this fucker by his ankles and whip his skin until he was raw.
I would then cover his body with sugar and let the fire ants have their way him.
This is too close to home for me.
I need a day off and some serious medications to forget this video.
Now why do I need the medications?
He is the one with the problem. Why is he still alive??
Oh god in heaven here the voice of your humble servant John Sleestaxx.
Why is this man alive oh lord?
I know you can not have a lesson for me here.
Why do I need a reminder of these horrors lord? Do I not deserve a night without the
Yes I have nightmares.
I have zombie nightmares. About 5-6 a month.
I have people I know from the past chasing me and my family
And I am always trying to protect my family from the zombies
And I wake up in real sweats seriously dripping in water.
Two quarts of water is what is needed to quench the thirst. And for days I can't shake the
Feeling of loss, the feeling of dread every night.
The fear that I will not escape these nightmares is distracting and gets in my waking way
The next day. Then the feelings dissipate and I begin to get normal and then POW! BIFF!
WHAM! I get blind sided by some person I have known in the past, who is undead and wants to......
What are they trying to do to my family and me??
Maybe they are trying to get just me?
Maybe I have guilt.....LOL.... for past actions and the past is what I am trying
To get away from and I fear that I can not escape my past.
Hell I can believe most of this but this does not sound like it is fixable.
I would rather have the feelings everyday then to have them go away and come back.
Like every Sunday have the zombie dream get geared and ready for the week and then taper off for the weekend

Ah fucket this is my hell and I have made it and I have to live with it.
But the fucker seriously needs a 3 times daily ass whooping.
No 4 times daily, let us not forget the fourth meal. Crunchy, squishy, howling in pain, and dripping in his own blood, vomit, and shit.
FUCK HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fuck fuck fuck
Damn him and the fucking video
I would have been so much better not having seen this travesty.


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