2007 VMA Review

Britney spears looked thick uncomfortable and I think she has let al the trash talk get to her.
She looked like she was not prepared to be onstage inform of all the shit heads
The Sarah Silverman pulls out the jokes and hammers her. Sarah is lucky that Britney did not pull out the trailer park
"You sleep with my babies daddy" bitch slap back stage.
Then Sarah told the off jokes about color. I thought the shots of the hip hop and rap stars were priceless

Should we laugh or should we scream foul and pull out our aks and pop a cap in her white bread Jewish ass.

The dj that introduced linkin park was waving his arm and telling me to bounce but all I could do was watch the flab under his arm flap. I thought these bastards had nothing better to do that work and look good and here was this bone head with flabby arms telling me to bounce. WTF

Justin Timberlake challenged MTV to play more videos. I thought about this. I knew they had stopped playing videos and I wondered why and then I realized it was hard to sell space based on videos. Each one is 5 minutes so in an hour you have shifted genres 3 times how can a fat swollen baby boomer marketing guy pick out times to run their ads. Sure in another ten years when the MTV generation is in marketing and C level positions then they can sell space.

They have a quadruple threat category which was a cheat. Singer/dancer actor clothesline counted as four areas of involvement. Any solo act dances it is part of the singing part. This was a cheat.

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