Reality For The Win

The other day I wrote this;

This guy got everything was looking for. Yes Virginia there is a Santa.
He wanted to raise awareness. He wanted to create a ruckus. He wanted to make a freaking statement and he did all of that and now he is famous for it like abbey Hoffman and Patty Hearst. He forever will be the epitome of free thinkers

About the don’t taser me bro video that has become a virus

And this fella freaks and starts talking about love and universe and koolaid
"If a person enjoys this, they need to check themselves in for a mental check-up.
They would obviously have some serious issues.
They would have to be considered a danger to themselves and society in general.
Necessary or not - not talking about tasering - talking about enjoyment of it.
Would have to be pretty sick
I read your blog on umpiring - it was awesome - is this the same person writing this?
Worried about teaching respect?
Then he makes the kool aid comment about umpiring and questioning my ability to umpire a game.
Teaching respect??? No shoving the lesson of respect down the throats of grown people who can not behave for 1 hour and 40 minutes is more like it.
So I think hey maybe this whinny tree huggin fur kissin dirt munchin druid has me confused with someone else and well I am all about fair play so to be sure his umpire hero is not maligned because he can't pay attention to which porn window is open I message him.
I ask him which umpire blog he is speaking about.
Yeah its mine but I can not think of a single kool aid moment in anything I speak about umpiring.
“Umpire in the blog on myspace!
Yes that is me. And there is nothing wrong if you look at the comments and see the point. "
And more love and universe and hug a tree shit later
"I thought what you said as an umpire was great. About the respect. About living by the rules going for one as well as the other. Talking about acceptance here... common ground... being a grown up in a grown-up's body...

Troubles me that the same person who wrote this could be so calloused to this kid getting tased.

Just hearing his voice, whether he's faking it or not, at the end, crying out, disturbs my soul. Even though I feel like he's a whiny baby. It’s still disturbing, and I hate it.

We can't have one set of rules for us and another for everyone else. Just like your buddy in the dug-out. We can't have our feet on both sides of the fence. We may be deceived into thinking it is possible, but I assure you that it isn't.

Be aware: God offers a choice:
"Choose life, or choose death."
Then He offers a little hint... "Choose life"

He who has ears to hear - let him hear - I will trouble you no further.

God Bless you brother – Name withheld because it is my soap box."
And I reply
"Do not be mistaken I have no friends in the dugout. No I never wrote any of that about being an umpire.
Umpiring is great in that I can be in control. And it is stressful and I love stressful situations they make you feel alive.
The guy is asking for what he got. Plain and simple.
I am sorry that life has been so good to you that you can think that everything is fair. Read my blog about evil among us and another sandwich.
You are too soft for me"

I will wipe them out and beat them to death; the can not get up; they will fall at my feet
Samuel 22:39
Rev. John Sleestaxx

And then this is where the funny stuff starts.
He try’s to show how tough he is
You know NOTHING about me my friend (wait I never invited him to be a friend)
Try me
Try me
Don’t kid yourself
Nor am I so afraid that I hide behind a cartoon picture and use the name of the biggest coward out there
The biggest liar out there
Why don't you grow up and be a man -
You’re 42 for God's sake

Fucking whiney little babies. You know if the sound of someone being tasered makes you ill then you are too soft. Your sensibilities are mush! You think that life is fair.
You think that the cops should not be aloud to yell. And you think that children should not be spanked.
Well "buddy" where was your thinking when my step father was abusing me? Where was your perfect fair world when I finally ran away and the next grownup I met did the same thing to me? And how about when I left that nut job and ended up in San Francisco, The hippie nirvana. And there some other nut job thinks that I should get paid for the abuse huh??
Yeah you know what fuck you and your perfect fucking world.
My world is the real world, in my world people get hurt for no reason, and people get hurt when they do the wrong thing, people die for no reason, and wives nearly die over a fucking common cold. You rack up bills you can not pay just to live and then you fucking work forever. In my world 8 year old boys are taught things that would make pussies like you vomit. Fuck you and your sensibilities and your “disturbed to the soul shit” I have been through the fires, I have lived in a hell, I have crawled clawed and fought my way out of a hell and you want to tell me about fair and respect and grownups. LOL yeah uh oh fucking kay sure tell me another faerie tell uncle whiner. Yeah fucking right!
Eat a pile of shit and maggots and go for rides with traveling sales men. Let them park their rented car in a alley or parking lot and tell you about their son your age and how proud of them they are. Let them talk about how important they are and how this car is nothing like the one they have home.
They will bla bla bla about everything about themselves but never ask why is a twelve year old expected to….
Then there are the freaks that lose control of their anger and get angry at you for doing what they asked in the first place.
Are these twisted fuckers in you world brother?? Huh?? Are they?? I bet you had no idea that this fucking twisted shit happens at all in this wonderful country.
Your world is great and so wonderful. And the sun always shines and there is never a dead body on the side of the fucking road in your fucking world.
[Showing my middle finger at you] Your world of unicorns and elves and fairies has been deforested and paved over so that my world can put in a fucking Wal-Mart and a race track.
Have a sandwich and such the fuck up.
Reality For The win

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