Working Out and HR

So I am working out last night and here is the thing. During the day I do reliability testing that means I break shit expensive shit. You do not know how reliable something is until you force a failure and study the failure.
I am 235 and 42 years old.
I'm on the elliptical and I do not believe in doing things half ass.
I have the iPOD cranking out the tunes and I am on my second resistance 8 cycles
The guy next to me was just sort of moving at a slow pace. I on the other hand do not believe that
My pace should drop below 160 strides per minute. Ever!
Well he must have looked over and saw my HR at 185 cause he left and shortly an attendant came over to get my attention.
I slowed and asked hats up?
She said that she was concerned about my pace and my health.
I told that the pace she is concerned about is broken because she was interrupting me.
I told to get on the machine next to me and watch something.
She did and I cranked Ace of spades back to the beginning of the track and started my pace.
I grabbed the HR monitor and the machine calculated 174 I looked at her and she shook her head.
I winked and blew some sweat from my eye lid and began to concentrate on the HR monitor and the number began to drop
I got the number to hover at 160 and I pointed at my pace (168) which never slowed.
Then I blew on my eye again and concentrated and the monitored dropped to 157 and stayed there until the resistance dropped to 2.
My pace picked back up to 210 and my HR jumped to 163 and hovered I looked at the fresh young attendant and smiled she left and the guy.
Got back on the machine next to me.
I looked at him he looked at me we made eye contact and I mouthed "PUSSY" to him as ACDC Thunder struck started.
Black Flag White minority kicked in at the time Resistance changed to 8 and I went into full bore 174 strides and my heart jumped to 170.
I began deep breathing and concentration and the heart slowed and my pace stayed I caught the fucker looking again and I said under my breath that he should no breed because he is too stupid to pass any genes along. He said what and I laughed and leaned forward.
3 miles in 35 minutes. Not bad for an old fucking fart like me???
I am trying to find a way to post my play list from my iPOD.

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